The Hockey Chronicles is a Washington Capitals-centric hockey blog by two fans of questionable sanity, who love nothing more than hockey. We analyze, tell opinions, crack jokes, and tell our wonderful tales of (mis)adventures. We may best best known for the Mike Commodore Twitter fiasco, the Braden Holtby incident, the invention of the “Fudgeball” and “Cougar Bait” nicknames, and all-around sassiness.

Meet the bloggers.

Meghan (@megHamonster):

  • Washington Capitals
  • Hershey Bears/UW Badgers (tied)
  • Toronto Maple Leafs
  • Chicago Blackhawks
  • Janesville Jets

Welcome to the blog. I’m sure you’d love to hear about me but I’ve never been very good at that auto-biography type of thing. I’m sure my favorite teams seem probably pretty random but they’re teams I’ve picked up over the years being a hockey fan constantly on the move growing up. Basically I grew up an army brat with non of the army and all of the brat. I attend a small college in the south western mountains of Virginia most of the year and live in north Virginia the other part.

Stick around I’ve got a lot to say about my favorite teams but of course one team above all because, in the words of Mike Commodore, they’re my “beloved Capitals”!

Anna (@awesome_anna):

  • Washington Capitals
  • Hershey Bears
  • Team Slovakia
  • Chicago Blackhawks
  • Rochester Americans

Hockey is hockey. I love the sport more than life. If it’s on, I’ll watch it, no matter the team. Unfortunately, my opportunities to watch have been dwindling as I have discovered being a college student takes actual work. I go to school right outside of DC for Communications. I’m a newer Caps fan (meaning six years now), who loves her team and takes joy in rambling aimlessly about them.

Questions? Post ideas? Help? Translations? Story leads? Opinions? Praise? Hatred? Funny hockey photos? Contact in general? Don’t hesistate to send them to these places:

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Basically read at your own peril.

2 responses to “About

  1. Tadd Newman

    I really enjoyed your thoughtful blog entry on the Bandwagon article. I was interviewed for it because of a quote I had left on Ted’s Take. I had stated that ” It had taken me a while to get used to the bandwagon fans, but that I was over it.” In the article though, call me paranoid, I thought that I came across as one not so accepting of newbies or the bandwagon. Not true.

    I became a season ticket holder just four or five years ago, so that my dad and I could watch live hockey not because I was a die-hard Caps fan. After a game or two watching the struggling Caps, I was hooked. The team often lost but played with such heart. We found that, off the ice, players were just young men often humbled by the fact that they had their dream jobs. They were approachable and friendly. I will always be in awe of their work ethic and their skill. How could one not be a fan? I welcome all comers to share the experience.

    My Dad, daughter and I have five seats between us and I frequently bring the uninitiated. I have several close friends that are now just as much Caps fans as I am, including my husband who has pretty much “bogarted” one of my seats!

    What I am NOT a fan of is drunken, rude, beer spillers, screaming profanity at the ice. I don’t care when they started coming to games. But, more people attending means more of a chance for such things to occur. I have seen a rise as the arena has filled up. Along with people that constantly get up and leave their seats while the puck is in play and lean forward so that no one behind them can see . The former is the biggest offender however.

    It is important that the reputation of the fan base as a whole be a positive one. An arena where everyone gets to enjoy their fan experience. I don’t ever want to hear someone say “I could never bring my kids to a game”, as a Flyers fan once told me. The Kids Club set is the future of the fan base and the franchise.

    The Washington Capitals as an organization works very hard to provide a good atmosphere for all of us. In return, we help pay the bills to keep things going. I want them “going” for a long time. Washington, D.C. established hockey town, sounds good doesn’t it?

    Not sure, how I digressed but I generally do. My final comment is this… before the bandwagon, we never heard a player talk about how the crowd gave the team motivation at a lagging moment. I pray that fifteen years from now, the bandwagon is helping to keep the seats filled and the Fury Unleashed!

  2. AlexA

    I love your blog!!!

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