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In Which A Capitals Player Nearly Signed Meghan’s Ass

Okay, I’ll be honest, the title makes the story sound much more interesting than it actually is. The idea itself is kind of wacked yet the players did not react as much as I had hoped. Since Meghan was unable to go to Kettler with me yesterday, she had to scheme up something for me to do. What we decided on was to have a player sign a picture of Meghan. Yes, a picture of Meghan. I believe this idea is odd within itself. How often does a hockey player sign a picture of a random girl? Of course, random is not enough for us, we needed to get awkward.

I’m going to get all emotional and fuzzy and say that going back to Kettler after almost a year was kind of like coming home. I got there a little early and was able to see most of the drills done by the Bears they brought up (as well as a couple of other Caps players as well) before I went into the main rink to watch practice. As reflected by the Washington Post, the Caps are hoping they will be “rested, not rusty” when they come into the second round of the playoffs (starting tomorrow, by the way!) and honestly, I think yesterday’s practice reflected this. The boys looked relaxed and calm, playfully rough housing and goofing around at practice. Honestly, I think that is the key for success in this off-season. The team has the skill and the talent, but when trouble hits, they just freak out and fail fail fail. So honestly, I believe nothing rings more true than this:

I also did something I have never done before: I deliberately sought out players for their autographs. Normally, Meghan and I don’t do this; we just go to Kettler to watch practices and then leave. But since I had a mission, I had to. I waited on the side for autographs, with my We Want the Cup in Washington shirt and Meghan’s picture. I waited for the perfect player to sign the picture when Boyd Gordon came over!

Boyd was signing a bunch of pucks and shirts and such came to my picture, grabs my sharpie and the picture, and stops. He makes a confused face, looks up at me, back at the picture, back at me, and then shrugs and says “Alright.” I laughed and smiled at him, “Yup.” In the parking lot (which is really, really, really creepy – seriously people!), I got Holtby to sign it (since we all know how much Meghan loves him), but he didn’t react! It was rather disappointing.

I’m probably going on Monday, too, so maybe others will react more fantastically. This picture is going to get passed around until we get everyone, I swear. Summer is just beginning, readers. THC is back and Meghan and I are more readier than ever to be creeps.


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Post-Game Wrap Up and Other Bits and Pieces

Last night, the Capitals beat the Devils 4-1, with the goals credited to Ovechkin, Bradley, Backstrom, and Green. Poti did not play last night due to an injury, not that I’m complaining, and Pothier was still out as well. Neuvirth was in goal and earned himself his third straight win in goal. The win put them back up on top of the league by one point, with the Devils, Blackhawks, Penguins, and Sharks tied at 53. The Capitals are now on a three game winning streak, one that will hopefully last for a few more games. Tomorrow, the Capitals play the Hurricanes at Verizon before setting out on the road against the Sharks and the Kings.

In my opinion, Nicklas earned himself the title of Weagle scout, for the second time in row. He had two assists in last night’s game as well as a beautiful goal in the second period. It was his ninth goal of December. He has racked up a total of eleven goals and eleven assists in his last thirteen games. Nicklas was also the first star of last night’s game, followed by Ovechkin and Steckel.

In non-Capitals news, the Hershey Bears won their game last night against the Syracuse Crunch. This, too, was a 4-1 win, with Wilson and Bouchard scoring once and Perreault scoring twice. Holtby was in goal, making 33 saves and earning himself the first star of the game. Also, Boyd Gordon is up in Hershey for conditioning before returning to Washington. He has been out since October with a back injury. He was attributed with the assist on Wilson’s goal. This was Hershey’s fifth straight win.

In other news, Semin signed a one-year, six million extension with the Washington Capitals. Much speculation has been racing through blogs and on Twitter about the one-year deal because, with a player like Semin, it is unusual to not lock up a mutliple year deal. Dmitry Chesnokov over at Puck Daddy has an article about the extension, accompanied by an interview with both Semin and his agent.

The Capitals may be putting their focus on Backstrom, which, considering how he’s been playing lately, may be a wise thing to do.

Speaking of Nicklas, he’s made Sweden’s Olympic roster! The rest of the roster is no surprise, with players such as Holmström, Lindstrom, Lundqvist, Zetterberg, Forsberg, the Sedin twins, Kronwell, etc. The full roster as well as an analysis can be found at Puck Daddy.

Also, the Russia’s roster was announced on Christmas and, like Sweden, the expected players have made it, including Ovechkin, Semin, and Varlamov as well as former Capitals Fedorov and Kozlov. The full roster as well as an analysis can be found at Puck Daddy.

In much more exciting news, Meghan returns tonight and we’re both heading to Kettler tomorrow for the morning skate! It will be an interesting experience, considering my sister is coming along, my sister who hates all sports, especially hockey because I talk about it so much. This will be my first concrete attempt to get her into hockey, though I doubt it’ll work.

Also, on Tuesday, Meghan and I are heading down to Norfolk to watch the Bears (hopefully) kick the Admirals’ asses! This, also, will be attended with my older sister =] We have fourth row seats, so expect good pictures from both of us.

– Anna

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Damn You, Hockey Gods, Damn You

Apparently, Meghan and I have done something to anger our beloved Hockey Gods, for they are showering their wrath upon us. For undisclosed reasons (they are unimportant and not of my own), our trip to Kettler Capitals Iceplex to watch the boys practice, has been cancelled. And since, as you know, my parents hate all things hockey, they are not willing to drive the forty-something minute drive to take us. Sometimes, being too lazy to get my driver’s license really comes to bite me in the ass.

Thankfully, the Convention is still next weekend, something I am so ridiculously excited for that this cannot get me down too much. And, there is always more practices in our future, especially since guilt-tripping is Meghan’s expertise.

So, if you were lookin forward to some practice updates and stories, they will have to wait for another weekend. But, believe me, Kettler has not seen the last of The Hockey Chronicles.

– Anna


To hopefully remedy our relationship with the Hockey Gods, Meghan and I decided a sacrifice would be the best way to get back in their favor. Meghan took the honors of the sacrifice, considering I am not allowed to touch fire after an incident with a birthday cake and nearly burning down my house…





… ’cause we’re not bitter at all …

Postscript: Ignore the mess, THC is currently ungoing a bit of revamping.

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My Own Personal Blackhawk

I have resolved to stop talking to my mother about hockey. She doesn’t care, no matter how hard I try, and it never seems to end well. Yet again, my mother has proved that she thinks Meghan and I are twenty-times the creepers we actually are. First, it was the elevator incident. Now, its the ‘you can’t buy a hockey player’ incident.

So, today, I was talking to my mother while she was doing some work, and since I was anticipating the Capitals @ Blackhawks game tonight, I naturally started to talk hockey. I know she doesn’t care, but I can’t help it, and she at least tries to seem interested. Today, I brought up the fact that Kaner’s and Tazer’s contracts are up after this season and how the Hawks are already capped out. Earlier this week, Meghan and I were fantasizing about how amazing it would be if the Caps acquired one of them (a far-fetched and ridiculous dream), especially since Nyls will probably (and hopefully) be gone after this season, and I told my mom this. My exact words were ‘it’d be really cool if ‘we’ can buy one of them’, because I often refer to the Capitals as though I have any sort of affiliation to them…

Apparently, my mom was not aware of this habit, so she turns around, looks at me dead in the eyes and says : “You and Meghan cannot buy a player” 0.0

First of all, personally buying a player is not possible (coughunfortunatelycough). Second of all, I barely have five bucks, let alone five-million that it’d take to buy a hockey player. So, mother, why would you even think Meghan and I would cook up such a scheme? Sure, we conspire a lot, but only ever jokingly and never so creepily. But, of course, my mom reveres Meghan and I as the biggest hockey-creepers this side of the Mississippi, so naturally, we think about buying a Blackhawk and hiding him away in our closet or something. Also, if I’m buying any player, it’ll be a Capital, thank you very much… Not that I’ve thought about this or anything… I swear…

Anyway, in other news, MEGHAN AND I ARE GOING TO PRACTICE TOMORROW! I am clearly quite excited. Let’s hope some shenanigans ensue, as long as we do not get arrested (as Meghan is theorizing via text messages as I write this), and have a splendid ol’ time. Expect tweets via @hockeychronicle from me.

The schedules for the Capitals Convention (six days!) were released today, and something ridiculous has come to light. If Meghan and I want to get pictures with players, we have to pay twenty-bucks for it. Now, I love my boys, but to expect me to pay twenty-frickin-dollars for a likely awkward moment is a lot to expect. And Greener, Sasha, Theo, Varly, Nicky, and Ovie are the only current Capitals players who are doing photos… No, thank you.

Also, for those unaware, the Capitals are playing the Blackhawks as we speak. You can listen to the game live here. It is currently a rather conflicting and frustrating game.

– Anna

Postscript: Also, I am permanently ‘Rocking the Red’ wherever I go with my Disco Inferno (i.e. ridiculously bright, cherry red) hair. I re-dyed it last weekend (it was first done around the end of the regular season), though it has no relation to the Capitals, it is a nice coincidence. So, if you go to practice tomorrow and see a girl with snazzy, obviously dyed red hair, it’ll be me :]

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