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Epic/Epic Fail

The Brothers Semveckin

This is perhaps the most epic thing I’ve seen… perhaps ever. Big props to Russian Machine for finding this:

Here is the link to the actual page but I took a screen cap to keep it forever and ever. And, drum roll please!

… Just as good as promised, yes? Come on Yahoo! Answers CANADA; I thought CANADIANS knew EVERYTHING that EVER happened and FOREVER that will happen in hockey… ever.

Let’s dissect this:

1. “Is Alex Oveckin and Alex Semin brothers?” Are… ARE Alex Ovechkin and Alex Semin brothers…

2. Yes, see it’s a devious Russian plot to make you confused. You see their names are spelt completely different but are pronounced exactly the same way.

3. Mama Semveckin named BOTH her boys Alexander. Because, then you can yell their names and not have one go “Mom! I’m ____” See? No messing up names. Brilliant, Mama Ovecksem.

3. And, come on I mean aren’t Russians all related in that weird Communist way? Like a big hippie commune but a country.

4. Oveckin is #8… Semin is #28 like the second eight. Duh.

5. NOTE: His argument is he thought they might be related because Patrick Sharp and Patrick Kane are related….

Yes. A thousand times yes.

This is Pat Sharp:

This is Pat Kane:

The resemblance is undeniable.

Everything makes sense now. Ohhh the cat is out of the bag, Canada, the cat is out of the bag! Patrick Kane is clearly a double agent sent by Canada to make Americans look like silly, cab driver beating, limo pants taking off, greasy hair having, mullet wearing, pupils always suspiciously too large, Rich and Big singing fools. I always chalked it up to the fact that he is from Buffalo (cue Anna telling me to stop making fun of Buffalo) and because he is 21-year-old male… and American.

But, now Canada it all  makes sense. Admit it you devious Canucks. Your names are probably really Sharp Patrick and Kane Patrick. Ohhh you evil genius you, you thought you could fool us, Patrick brothers. We are on to you Kane and Sharp, but we’ll wait until after the Stanley Cup finals to report you to INS, Kane.

So yes, B4USTAR, Alexander Ovechkin and Alexander Semin are brothers;

Brothers from another mother, yeaaaaaaaah!


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You Just Got Chris Bourque’d

Bourque’d– When you get traded or picked up on waivers by another team and then your former team trades for you or picks you up on waivers only a couple months later.

Ex. “Milan Jurcina just got Bourque’d”


I know some Caps fans were less than pleased with this but to quote what I imagine Mike Green would say “Haters gonna hate!” (followed by “Players gotta play!”) Anna and I are ecstatic. Well first I was like WTF? but then I did a victory dance in my head (my mental victory might look like the “Safety Dance” video)

Sorry Dark Blue Jacket. I know you wanted Milan to stay but I promise I’ll take good care of him and beat off all the meanie Caps fans.

I have my favorite d-man and Slovak back:

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Best. Hockey Related. Youtube. Video. Ever.

I didn’t intend on making a post tonight besides the part two of Caps look-a-likes but this is SO amazing it gets its own post! Wonderful World of Loser Domi found this and we are eternally grateful:

It seems to be part of a pilot for tv show about a bunch of roller hockey playing kids in New York or New Jersey. It is the single most amazing thing I have seen on the internet. It was as described by Anna as “shittastic!”. This show would have been clutch if someone had made it in the 90s!

Why this show is awesome:

1. The main kid sounds like it was voiced by “Timmy” from the amazing skit show Whitest Kids U’ Know.

2. Cartoon Marty Brodeur creeping on some kids from a bench

3. Kid getting tossed in a trash can. Always awesome.

4. 4 words: Magic. Hockey. Stick. Genie

5. Apparently when a hockey stick genie gives you your wish to be a good hockey player you get a SWEET sweet mullet.

BUT NO! What? It ended? But, did creepy Cartoon Marty agree to coach them?! Did the kid keep his sweet mullet? I HAVE SO MANY UNANSWERED QUESTIONS!

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Epic/Epic Fail: Not Another One!

A run down of recent events and their placement of a scale of epic to epic fail:

Nicklas Backstrom has his own website;


BABY FUDGEBALL! He’s so cute! What a little nugget! (thank you too many episodes of Chelsea Lately)

I love it for giving me this photo even if there is, what I’m sure Mike Green would agree, a criminal lack of bling.

Epic Fail:


Yes, Meghan there is a Santa Claus. And, if your a good little girl he WON’T bring you this for Christmas: Washington Capitals Snuggie. This disturbing image is brought to you by Google and the flu.

Some what irrelevant yet epic no?

Jose Theodore did you get you get surgery this summer? A head-out-of-ass-appendectomy perhaps? Well what ever you did keep it up. (I enjoy that picture looks like Kobasew is getting a smack down)

Epic Fail:
I used Photoshop to make an epic graphic for Bruins V. Caps season opener and my computer I had it on self imploded and I couldn’t show it to you. Hence Senior fail whale.


I miss Brashear. Nice to give Marc the one that his brothers could give him the most crap about. Letterman not that funny as usual. I just enjoy looking at Henrik Lundqvist.

Epic Fail:
Some thing about this photo just really creeps me out. I thinks its Pens Staal. He looks dazed (and by dazed I mean was hitting the happy juice) and way too old to be hanging out with the other four. And whoever the guy in the black shirt is. He looks like a even more mutant version of Crosby. Like a experiment in Lemieux’s evil cloning laboratory went terribly wrong…

PS. Pen’s Staal nice shirt. Go buy a big boy shirt.

Two search terms that came up today that were too good to pass up telling you all about:
Bruce Laich

… I don’t know. Maybe some Bostonian cougar got confused.

Evgeni Malkin Chin

You creepers are freaks. (unless you who googled this reads our blog then you’re a lovely well adjusted person) Chin? What? And, I use this picture because I can.

Patrick Sharp called Adam Burish his “other girlfriend”,0,7832409.story
Balls in your court Ovechkin and Semin. We can’t have those Blackhawks upstaging your bromance.

Oh look I had to double up on epics. Must have been a pretty good hockey week then.

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The Fine Line Between Epic and Fail

Brooks Laich Day in Wawota
Pride of Wawota

Epic Fail:
“While the ultimate success of such efforts and changes will not be known until the Olympic tournament is played in February, the early returns seem good. There was a somewhat lighter atmosphere on the third day of camp — perhaps not surprisingly since the players spent the morning playing golf, fly fishing or simply relaxing.

Crosby was among the handful of guys who took to the river and had the group in stitches because of a casting mishap.

“Sometimes, we can laugh at each other,” said defenseman Francois Beauchemin. “Sid almost hooked himself in the back of the head. That was fun to see.”

Seriously? Come on Cindy. Thank you Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Green Life 52

You see I’m am really cynical and I really need concrete proof and evidence before I believe just about anything especially pertaining to celebrities but this website, this amazingly awkward website, seemed to be BY Mike Green himself. Well not the actual website but you know its about him and has his blog on it. So I need someone who I can not concretely argue with like a actual member of the Capitals administration or Mike Green himself to acknowledge this site in some way before I can take it seriously and even then I will have a difficult time because something about it just gives me the chuckles. The style, the fact its says ‘peace’ at the end of the post, it reminds me of the white kids at school trying to be gangsta or punk who everyone laughs at behind their backs.

Epic Fail
Green Life 52

Yay grammar fail on the first post sir (or madam).Though I have to say the typos in his post make it all the more believable its him. Seriously half way though the short first/only post he, or who ever it is, decides apostrophes aren’t real or something.

Comedy Central for showing Comedy Central Presents: Gerry Dee which was hilarious and I love the story about how someone told his dad if he was going to let his kids play hockey they needed to know who to fight so his dad enrolled him in karate classes because as we all know karate is an extremely useful fight technique on the ice.


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