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Summer Time and the Living Means We’ve Been Lazy

Sorry for the silence recently. We at the Chronicles have been very busy the past weeks but we’re back, we’ve got nothing but free time on our hands and nothing but loving attention to lavish upon the blog. So here is what we’ve missed:

The Hershey Bears are in the Calder Cup finals against the Texas Stars. I, Meghan, was at Game 1. It was fun though they lost and it took me five hours to drive there though it is only a three-hour drive.

It looks as though¬†Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, Jose Theodore, will not be coming back next season. I’m torn on this because though Jose Theodore was beyond amazing this season well Contract Year Jose and Non-Contract Year Jose maybe two different species as we’ve seen before.

Eric Fehr and Eric Belanger are in negotiations with the Capitals however Walker and Corvo will not be invited back. Can we call backsies on the Corvo trade?

Reebok Zigtech – Ovechkin from soundscape music + sounddesign on Vimeo.

While I’m still not sure why hockey players are promoting tennis shoes here is Ovie’s Zigtech commercial. He plays hockey against some bears so obviously it’s rather dry, straight forward and boring.

A translated video from a Russian parody program during the Olympics. Ovie sounds like Ringo Star.

Friend of the Blog Russian Machine Never Break continues their “Gordo’s Take” series with Hershey Bear’s Andrew Gordon.

Ted’s buying the Wizards was approved. He now owns the Verizon Center and has started a new company called Monumental Sports and Entertainment. Things are looking good in Caps Land.

Every. Single. Summer. Why Ovie? WHY?

Versteeg raps. I pretend I’m not dying a lot inside.

JR shows what is amazing about hockey players (remembering a kid who was crying in 1992 after you let him down? Heartbreaking) Milbury reminds me why I want nothing more than to punch him in the jeans.

Alexandre Giroux may sign in the KHL next year. Why maybe not a big blow the the Caps, the Bears (AND MY HEART) would suffer a good blow from it.

That seems to be all we missed… though I feel like I’m forgetting something…

Oh yeah! Congrats to the 2010 Blackhawks for winning the Stanley Cup! We like them and anyone but Philly am I right?



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The Whole Story

Everyone has seen and got a chuckle out of the photos of the Blackhawk players par-taying in their recent trip to Canada. It’s not that they’re scandalous; just amusing. But I agree with the insulted fan (girls) these pictures are OBVIOUSLY taken out of context!

Obviously, the players were having a fun night at the hotel playing a rousing game of UNO when they all became hungry and since hotel room service was closed our intrepid travellers being the team loving men they are volunteered to run out.

So after picking up some snacks and adult beverages (hey, they’re all over age now) they were driving back when they noticed some nice young ladies with a broken down car! Being nice young men they offered these nice young ladies a ride back to their home. It would be a bit squished but they wouldn’t let these nice young ladies decline the offer to help. They also offered them some of the snacks and drinks like nice young men of course.

Well some of these young ladies had no jackets! Kane and Madden being perfect gentleman offered them their shirts, I mean it’s winter!

And, Versteeg put his sunglasses on, even though it’s night out, to act out the story of the time he helped a old blind man cross the street.

And, then I took his hand like this, yup just like how you’re holding it, and guided him across the street

Patrick then asked what the nice young ladies thought of the “Pants on the Ground” song. The young ladies had no idea what that was! They’re Canadian they didn’t know about American idol. So Patrick bravely took one for the team and did a haunting redition of “Pants on the Ground” for these American pop culture deprived young ladies.

“Pants on the ground/pants on the ground/lookin’ like a fool with your pants on the ground.”

They then dropped the nice young ladies at their home and returned back to the hotel. They then stayed up to a scandelous eleven thirty at night playing Scrabble and promptly went to bed.

Thanks to the Orland Kurtenblog from whom I stole all these photos from:

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Really Cool Deal

I’m at home during the day for a while thanks to Thanksgiving and I am easily bored here’s a list of links to some good stuff;

Hockey Is My Boyfriend will give the most horrid mental picture of Green with a flat top fade away hair cut; Hockey Is My Boyfriend

Punch in the Face does a fight stat comparison between the Hershey Bears and the Caps;

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Tretiak, Vladislav Tretiak

Better put on your fancy-pants, the Chronicles girls are heading out on the town! … Or at least to the Gaylord (*giggles*) National Resort and Convention Center.

The time has finally come! The first ever Washington Capitals Convention is tomorrow! And you’re faithful Chronicles girls (plus Meghan’s dad) will be in attendence. As expected, Meghan and I are both extremely excited. It has been all we’ve been able to think about for the entire week (as well as the entire month of September).

We’re expected to arrive around 10AM, which is when the doors open for non-season ticket holders, and where we’re going from there, we cannot be sure, but, most likely, shenanigans will ensue, especially if left unsupervised. I can tell you that we’re planning on attending the Kids Ask the Craziest Questions pannel and I personally want to see the Young Guns pannel. Also, as Meghan has mentioned, she’s strategized what autography session to do. We’re also still contemplating shelling out $20 for an extremely awkward photo. Throughout the day, I’ll be tweeting from our official twitter @hockeychronicle as well as my own @awesome_anna. Meghan will surely be tweeting from @megHamonster as well. Expect a full report on the Convention on Sunday as well as (hopefully) some random videos of goodness.

In other news, Adam Burish had his surgery today. According to the Blackhawks’ team physician, it went well. It is projected that he’ll be back in six months.

Something else Blackhawks-related, they’re playing the Wild tonight (and losing at this moment 0.0). Earlier, on the ‘Hawks official Twitter, the starters and scratches were announced. Normally, this wouldn’t be noteworthy, but the fact that whoever updates the Twitter referred to Steeger as Ver-Stud. Assuming it is a guy who does this, this is quite concerning…


Oh, and apparently, Canadian’s think Vladislav Tretiak (the amazing Russian goalie, who you may remember from him being portrayed in Miracle) is a spy (via @dchesnokov)¬†. Yah, seriously. Cuz I didn’t think anyone could be sillier than Americans…

– Anna

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