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The Brothers Semveckin

This is perhaps the most epic thing I’ve seen… perhaps ever. Big props to Russian Machine for finding this:

Here is the link to the actual page but I took a screen cap to keep it forever and ever. And, drum roll please!

… Just as good as promised, yes? Come on Yahoo! Answers CANADA; I thought CANADIANS knew EVERYTHING that EVER happened and FOREVER that will happen in hockey… ever.

Let’s dissect this:

1. “Is Alex Oveckin and Alex Semin brothers?” Are… ARE Alex Ovechkin and Alex Semin brothers…

2. Yes, see it’s a devious Russian plot to make you confused. You see their names are spelt completely different but are pronounced exactly the same way.

3. Mama Semveckin named BOTH her boys Alexander. Because, then you can yell their names and not have one go “Mom! I’m ____” See? No messing up names. Brilliant, Mama Ovecksem.

3. And, come on I mean aren’t Russians all related in that weird Communist way? Like a big hippie commune but a country.

4. Oveckin is #8… Semin is #28 like the second eight. Duh.

5. NOTE: His argument is he thought they might be related because Patrick Sharp and Patrick Kane are related….

Yes. A thousand times yes.

This is Pat Sharp:

This is Pat Kane:

The resemblance is undeniable.

Everything makes sense now. Ohhh the cat is out of the bag, Canada, the cat is out of the bag! Patrick Kane is clearly a double agent sent by Canada to make Americans look like silly, cab driver beating, limo pants taking off, greasy hair having, mullet wearing, pupils always suspiciously too large, Rich and Big singing fools. I always chalked it up to the fact that he is from Buffalo (cue Anna telling me to stop making fun of Buffalo) and because he is 21-year-old male… and American.

But, now Canada it all  makes sense. Admit it you devious Canucks. Your names are probably really Sharp Patrick and Kane Patrick. Ohhh you evil genius you, you thought you could fool us, Patrick brothers. We are on to you Kane and Sharp, but we’ll wait until after the Stanley Cup finals to report you to INS, Kane.

So yes, B4USTAR, Alexander Ovechkin and Alexander Semin are brothers;

Brothers from another mother, yeaaaaaaaah!


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Weird and Wacky Search Terms: Oh Jeez Patrick.

Got some good pictures for weird and wacky this week. Thank you, internet.

Adam Burish and Patrick Kane with Miley

We’re gonna pretend this never happened…

Jackets that say oh shit

Brooks Laich speak french

You wish…

David Steckel in winter olympics 2010

Awww but no.

Staal farm

I agree who ever wrote this caption, I agree. (Thanks Anna the Chronicles keeper of Staal pictures.)

Joe Finley south carolina stingrays arrested


Oh man I hope they mean the lawnmower thing and he didn’t get arrested again.

Canada vs U.S. hockey cartoon


Ovechkin on milk carton

A team Canada  fan should have done that but all I found on Google was this.

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What If?

 You’ve all had those moments when your some where random like the metro, the supermarket, or the street and you see a guy and think “Wow that looks like if  _______ and _______  could possibly have a kid.” Of course they can’t because it’s two guys he looks like. Well I was introduced to and decided to morph together some of our favorite buddies and here we go:


(That baby is actually very cute; count me suprised I mean one of them is called “the Caveman”)





Baby of sharp.jpg and gordo.jpg

The things you can do on the internet are rather wonderous… and totally useless…

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Grab Bag of Topics

Caps night off. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm… this will be a ramble I’m sure.

Well yesterday the Toronto Maple Leafs traded Jiri Tlutsy (infamous for his lack of pants) for Carolina Hurricanes first rounder 2009 Paradis. I don’t know what kind of trade it it because I’m not well versed on either of them but I’m thinking maybe Toronto got the slight edge to this deal? Maybe? Well if anything they got another cute Canadian for the team am I right?

There was some discussion about if the day ever come, say in five years, where the Blackhawks don’t need to/or in no way can afford to keep both Toews and Kane who should they choose (kind of like the potential Nicki or Semin situation right now). Thinking about if for a few minutes I choose Toews. Toews scores less than Kane usually but he has the intangiables that the Blackhawks need. Even the older guys on the team while, being a good bunch of guys, are a little too goofy so I think they need their Captian Serious more than Kane. Though it’s a very close race and who knows in five years Kane might get the skills he needs so that he has both the leadership skill and the scoring advantage.

We Caps fans are waiting excitedly to hear if Matt Bradley is a new papa. Joe B and Locker said his wife was due Wednsday but there hasn’t been any news from those two and they never shut up about anything no matter how personal so we’ll have to wait excitedly to hear when the bouncing Bradley baby is born. In other Bradley news NHL shop won’t let you put roster players on the new customizable Tshirts yet and they can’t fit “Captian Planet” on there either.

I got the idea for something I hope to never have to use but if a Cap is ever particularly stupid and/or hilarous during a game he will be dubbed the games “Turkey scout” because the turkey is the opposite of the Weagle eagle. I hope to never have to use it!

Brent Seabrook is my favorite NHL player (by NHL player I mean the non-Caps of the league or even a Cap who I like particularly as much as someone on the Caps like Nicklas) yes this used to be taken by Sergei Federov. Hmmmm… I miss that old coot. Anyways yes super defenseman from Chicago Brent Seabrook is my new favorite since all my old ones have retired/left the NHL. Out with the old in with the new.

Speaking of old favorites Olie Kolzig (my favorite Cap ever) was chosen to be put in the ECHL hall of fame. Good for him!

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Why My Dad Needs a GPS (And a Weather Map)

I’m not sure I’ve ever mentioned this before, but my dad is horrible with directions, not as bad as my sister (she got us lost in the ghettos around Hampton Roads twice in one day, and she LIVES down there), but still really, really bad. What makes it worst is that he refuses to listen to signs, directions, or ME because, y’know, he’s always right. For example, when Meghan and I went to Kettler to go ice skating for my birthday, I wanted to go to Chop’t afterwards, which is normally no more than a twenty minute drive, but it took him TWO HOURS because he didn’t want to listen to the directions I printed out.

Now, I’m sure you’re all wondering ‘Anna, what does this have to do with hockey?’ Well, I’m glad you asked! Since I’m also a devoted Hershey fan, going to a game would be nice, especially since tickets are a lot cheaper than Capitals tickets. The logical place to see the Bears play is, of course, in Hershey, but my dad refuses to drive up there. ‘Anna, it’s in another state; it’s too far away’. So, I looked up the next Hershey @ Admirals game that isn’t on a school night (29 Dec, might I add), and he may be willing to take us to that! Out of curiousity, I used Map Quest to determine exactly how far away my house was from Norfolk and how far from Hershey.

  • My house to Norfolk: 2h33 with a total of 144,30 miles
  • My house to Hershey: 3h17 with a total of 178.52 miles

It’s an extra 44 minutes, that’s all! And, while I know traffic can be tricky up there, I’ve had worse experiences going down in that direction (it took four hours to get from Newport News to my town once, when it should only take two). When I pointed this out to my dad, guess what his excuse was? ‘There’s snow up there, Anna! There’ll be snow on the drive up!’ Snow? SNOW? Really, dad? You lived in Rochester, New York for fourteen years, and you’re concerned with the snow up in Hershey? *facepalm*

In other news, Kaner and Burish have seemed to make themselves only look more ridiculous lately. First, Kaner announces on the radio (does anyone remember which station? or knows where I can find a soundbite?) that he and Burish saw Miley Cyrus in concert. I never thought I’d actually have something in common with those two boys (except being American and growing up in upstate New York). In my defense, I saw her when I was fifteen, not twenty-one and twenty-six…

Anyway, to add to their stupidity, they do this at the Hawks’ Halloween shindig:


*rolls eyes* Does anyone know what Sharpie is supposed to be?

Lately, it seems as though Kaner and Burish have been hanging out a lot lately. Does this mean Kaner dumped Tazer? And Burish is trying to get over the fact that Sharpie’s engaged? *devilish grin* I think soooooo =]

To stick to the theme of my family, we all know my mom is a creeper when it comes to talking hockey. First, she implied that Meghan and I molested Eakin, Carlson, and Holtby in an elevator, and then, she thought we were devising to personally buy Tazer or Kaner. Thankfully, her latest comment was golden. We were in the car after a trip to Sonic for ice cream and I was making fun of Crosby, like I always do. After comparing his looks to a beaver/duck hybrid and making fun of his ass and specially made pants, my mom told me:

  • “Anna, you should be nice to him! He probably doesn’t have any friends!”

It was easily the best thing she has ever said to me.

Also, I finally got around to listening to the hour-long Hockey Diaries, which followed Brooksy and Karl Alzner around for the 08-09 season, and it somehow managed to make me love Brooksy even more than I already do. Impossible, I thought! But, after hearing all the adorable stories from his mother (he sure did cry a lot) and Brooksy bossing Greener around while raking leaves (they’re totally like an old married couple), it happened. Not that a mind. Nope, I don’t mind at all. To listen or download, go here!

On one last note, tonight was Brooksy’s 200th consecutive game with the Capitals XD

– Anna

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Epic/Epic Fail: Not Another One!

A run down of recent events and their placement of a scale of epic to epic fail:

Nicklas Backstrom has his own website;


BABY FUDGEBALL! He’s so cute! What a little nugget! (thank you too many episodes of Chelsea Lately)

I love it for giving me this photo even if there is, what I’m sure Mike Green would agree, a criminal lack of bling.

Epic Fail:


Yes, Meghan there is a Santa Claus. And, if your a good little girl he WON’T bring you this for Christmas: Washington Capitals Snuggie. This disturbing image is brought to you by Google and the flu.

Some what irrelevant yet epic no?

Jose Theodore did you get you get surgery this summer? A head-out-of-ass-appendectomy perhaps? Well what ever you did keep it up. (I enjoy that picture looks like Kobasew is getting a smack down)

Epic Fail:
I used Photoshop to make an epic graphic for Bruins V. Caps season opener and my computer I had it on self imploded and I couldn’t show it to you. Hence Senior fail whale.


I miss Brashear. Nice to give Marc the one that his brothers could give him the most crap about. Letterman not that funny as usual. I just enjoy looking at Henrik Lundqvist.

Epic Fail:
Some thing about this photo just really creeps me out. I thinks its Pens Staal. He looks dazed (and by dazed I mean was hitting the happy juice) and way too old to be hanging out with the other four. And whoever the guy in the black shirt is. He looks like a even more mutant version of Crosby. Like a experiment in Lemieux’s evil cloning laboratory went terribly wrong…

PS. Pen’s Staal nice shirt. Go buy a big boy shirt.

Two search terms that came up today that were too good to pass up telling you all about:
Bruce Laich

… I don’t know. Maybe some Bostonian cougar got confused.

Evgeni Malkin Chin

You creepers are freaks. (unless you who googled this reads our blog then you’re a lovely well adjusted person) Chin? What? And, I use this picture because I can.

Patrick Sharp called Adam Burish his “other girlfriend”,0,7832409.story
Balls in your court Ovechkin and Semin. We can’t have those Blackhawks upstaging your bromance.

Oh look I had to double up on epics. Must have been a pretty good hockey week then.

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Grand Theft Suitcase

It was anything but a slow day in the Capitals and hockey world. You faithful blogger was unfortunately home to witness the many news events breaking via twitter because after having what I suspect may have been swine flu or another flu variant all last week, then getting well again in the nick of time to go to the convention, feeling good for two days, then waking up at four am this morning because she has apparently caught some stomach bug and because of all this was home again.

In Capitals news:

The team took their photo: (please note for your viewing pleasure Semin sitting in Green’s lap; adorable)

Chris Borque was put on waivers after being told he was on the team. If he clears he stays. Kind of sucks either way.

Sasha Semin; apparently a fan of the five finger discount:

In more Russian news Mr. Ambassador, Semyon, and Semin stopped by the Library of Congress to meet some Russian ambassadors visiting for a gala.

The guys went on a team building paintball trip and Jeff Schutlz wore shorts to it… moron.

Ovetjkin blog has a kind of mix and mash of Ovie news including a picture of Ovie in paintball gear:

Scarlet Caps is apparently going to be having some updates of sorts soon. I hope by updates they mean “new glamor shots for Meghan to laugh her ass off at” because other wise I don’t care.

Random news:
For those of you who receive Versus (for those that don’t because of the Direct TV craziness; I am aware several people who called and complained vividly to Direct TV customer service were given NHL Center Ice free I don’t know if this will work for you but trying never killed anybody) will have Slap Shot on at 8 pm and at various random times through out the day Wednesday until 10:30 pm presumably to celebrate hockey season.

NHL Shop recently put out their fall issue and I was looking through when I see on the t-shirt page you can order a “Steve Avery” Rangers shirt… I certainly would want it if it actually said Steve Avery.

Via straight from the horses mouth AKA Patrick Sharp and his all-access videos, and I am fairly sure I heard this right, said that they call Patrick Kane “Hello Peek-a-Boo”

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