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Shallow Post Is Shallow but Funny

So both the Chronicles bloggers plan to be at Development Camp a few days this week. Of course we’re excited; we’ve wondered if anyone will try to hit a puck at us again, if my nemesis Smoothie Cup lady will be back, or if Bruce will say “hello” to us why we lurk in a hallway like last year. So of course our Sunday will drag by so to entertain ourselves we present “hockey stuff I found on google”:

Fedorov would clearly be Jill.

That sir’s arm is not amused.

It’s not that funny I just love young Knuble.

Breath, our lovely Cougar readers, breath. He doesn’t.

…Berries and Cream man?

He’s practicing his “HAI GURL” pose

“And, after scoring the winning goal Matthew Bradley, #10, went and helped birth a baby buffalo but not before doing a quick bit of composting.”


Real goalies where pink? No, apparently hippie vomit.

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BREAKING NEWS: Cash signs with Avs


(picture thanks to RMNB )

VIA Mile High Hockey (and H/T to @pinpaulaback ) Hershey Bears’ goalie Jason Bacashihua aka Cash has signed with the Colorado Avalanche.

Cash was only on the Bears for a year but he quietly had a succesful season for them. Of 22 games played he won 17 only losing 3 in regulations and 2 in shout out or over time. Cash was also a quick fan favorite (as illustrated by this hard-core fan tattoo.) It is understandable why he would want to sign else where with the current goaltending situation in Hershey; he is looking for play time and by stats he clearly deserves it. Cash had the some might say the misfortune of signing with a great team with some very good young goalies, which doesn’t mean he was a bad goalie just a goalie in a organization with a lot of depth and very good GMs. We wish him a lot of luck with Colorado.

 He is expected to play in Lake Erie when he goes to the Avs (where he played the 08-09 season.)

You were here briefly but we’ll miss you #35.

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We Trust in the Wink

It is Free Agent day and the Chronicles woke up knowing that while there were to be no MAJOR moves in the Caps organization they expected there to be SOME sort of movement.

So we settled into see what might happen. High noon rolled around. Things started out very well as several promising players hit the market. I nearly peed myself when Zbynek Michalek hit the market, the Coyotes not planning to sign him. THAT IS THE D-MAN WE NEED! your Chronicles bloggers thought.

He was signed by the Pens…

Well that was alright we’d get over it. Former Badger and Captain of World Jr. Team USA Derek Stepan signed with the Rangers, the team that drafted him. Things were beginning to heat up.

Dan Ellis hit the market. While maybe not a “must buy” Dan might be the kind of goalie we need to play a Bacashihua-like role to Varly (or Neuvy) playing when the young guns needed a rest from goal. However he signed with the Lightning.

No loss, no loss at all.

Adam Burish of the Blackhawks and 2006 Champion Badgers reportedly hit the market. Oh boy I’d love that but we don’t need anymore wingers.

Then Twitter, our source for all things ever, flooded with signings and players hitting the market and I lost track besides the Pens signing yet another defenseman the Caps could have used.

And, Caps fans waited… and waited… and waited… and nothing happened.

And, soon Twitter quieted down and Caps fans nerves began to run on high. We at the Chronicles were not worried tough perhaps we expected maybe a little something. Just a teensy little something. Even a “hey we’re just sort of chillin’, seeing what is going on before jumping in” from a person in the Caps front office.

However I trust George McPhee, the man with the master plan. So I’m sure though perhaps some great D-man who we actually could have signed; do not forget Volchenkov would probably want too much money for our salary cap so don’t dwell on him.

I know everyone is a little stressed out and emo after their less than spectacular playoff performance but it is only the first day of free agency and you never know what might happen.Chill out and here have pictures of cats with improper grammer.

Here is the NHL offical list of avaliable UFAs and ones that have been signed.

Ohhh and a merry Canada Day to ye, readers from the north.

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Summer Time and the Living Means We’ve Been Lazy

Sorry for the silence recently. We at the Chronicles have been very busy the past weeks but we’re back, we’ve got nothing but free time on our hands and nothing but loving attention to lavish upon the blog. So here is what we’ve missed:

The Hershey Bears are in the Calder Cup finals against the Texas Stars. I, Meghan, was at Game 1. It was fun though they lost and it took me five hours to drive there though it is only a three-hour drive.

It looks as though Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, Jose Theodore, will not be coming back next season. I’m torn on this because though Jose Theodore was beyond amazing this season well Contract Year Jose and Non-Contract Year Jose maybe two different species as we’ve seen before.

Eric Fehr and Eric Belanger are in negotiations with the Capitals however Walker and Corvo will not be invited back. Can we call backsies on the Corvo trade?

Reebok Zigtech – Ovechkin from soundscape music + sounddesign on Vimeo.

While I’m still not sure why hockey players are promoting tennis shoes here is Ovie’s Zigtech commercial. He plays hockey against some bears so obviously it’s rather dry, straight forward and boring.

A translated video from a Russian parody program during the Olympics. Ovie sounds like Ringo Star.

Friend of the Blog Russian Machine Never Break continues their “Gordo’s Take” series with Hershey Bear’s Andrew Gordon.

Ted’s buying the Wizards was approved. He now owns the Verizon Center and has started a new company called Monumental Sports and Entertainment. Things are looking good in Caps Land.

Every. Single. Summer. Why Ovie? WHY?

Versteeg raps. I pretend I’m not dying a lot inside.

JR shows what is amazing about hockey players (remembering a kid who was crying in 1992 after you let him down? Heartbreaking) Milbury reminds me why I want nothing more than to punch him in the jeans.

Alexandre Giroux may sign in the KHL next year. Why maybe not a big blow the the Caps, the Bears (AND MY HEART) would suffer a good blow from it.

That seems to be all we missed… though I feel like I’m forgetting something…

Oh yeah! Congrats to the 2010 Blackhawks for winning the Stanley Cup! We like them and anyone but Philly am I right?


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The Brothers Semveckin

This is perhaps the most epic thing I’ve seen… perhaps ever. Big props to Russian Machine for finding this:

Here is the link to the actual page but I took a screen cap to keep it forever and ever. And, drum roll please!

… Just as good as promised, yes? Come on Yahoo! Answers CANADA; I thought CANADIANS knew EVERYTHING that EVER happened and FOREVER that will happen in hockey… ever.

Let’s dissect this:

1. “Is Alex Oveckin and Alex Semin brothers?” Are… ARE Alex Ovechkin and Alex Semin brothers…

2. Yes, see it’s a devious Russian plot to make you confused. You see their names are spelt completely different but are pronounced exactly the same way.

3. Mama Semveckin named BOTH her boys Alexander. Because, then you can yell their names and not have one go “Mom! I’m ____” See? No messing up names. Brilliant, Mama Ovecksem.

3. And, come on I mean aren’t Russians all related in that weird Communist way? Like a big hippie commune but a country.

4. Oveckin is #8… Semin is #28 like the second eight. Duh.

5. NOTE: His argument is he thought they might be related because Patrick Sharp and Patrick Kane are related….

Yes. A thousand times yes.

This is Pat Sharp:

This is Pat Kane:

The resemblance is undeniable.

Everything makes sense now. Ohhh the cat is out of the bag, Canada, the cat is out of the bag! Patrick Kane is clearly a double agent sent by Canada to make Americans look like silly, cab driver beating, limo pants taking off, greasy hair having, mullet wearing, pupils always suspiciously too large, Rich and Big singing fools. I always chalked it up to the fact that he is from Buffalo (cue Anna telling me to stop making fun of Buffalo) and because he is 21-year-old male… and American.

But, now Canada it all  makes sense. Admit it you devious Canucks. Your names are probably really Sharp Patrick and Kane Patrick. Ohhh you evil genius you, you thought you could fool us, Patrick brothers. We are on to you Kane and Sharp, but we’ll wait until after the Stanley Cup finals to report you to INS, Kane.

So yes, B4USTAR, Alexander Ovechkin and Alexander Semin are brothers;

Brothers from another mother, yeaaaaaaaah!


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Winter Classic 2011 and Beyond

The NHL announced officially that it is Pens vs Caps at Heinz Field for the Winter Classic. But, that cat was out of the bag a while ago. And, after the annoyance about the Pens being in a second Winter Classic already (this is about the money and the casual fan, silly goose, what is to be expected?) and my personal complaining to myself about what a pain in the ass it is to try to get tickets to this thing (You think it’s as easy as getting tickets to any ol’ regular season game you are out of your mind) had passed we focused on a second announcement that was declared;

DC is to host a Winter Classic of its own in the next 2 or 3 years.

Woot and all that jazz. I’m pretty excited about the idea of an outdoor game in DC. It will either be amazing game or a horrific weather disaster. Well we can already start to guess who the Caps potential opponent will be and where it will be hosted (Of course it will probably be in the new Nats stadium; it is really too bad we couldn’t have it in gorgeous Camden Yards but that is Baltimore, sillies.)

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It Is a Week Later and We Are…

It has been a week and a day exactly.

It feels like it has been a life time. Or at last a couple of weeks more than just a week and a day.

This year I feel like a citizen without a country. Sort of like the movie about the man who had to live in the airport. I want to get into the playoff but Capitals-stan has self imploded and know I’m sitting in the lobby of hockey fandom wondering why I’m not more interested in the race for the Stanley Cup.

I feel guilty as a hockey fan when people ask me if I watched such and such game last night and did I see such and such play and I reply about having not watched much past the first five minutes. I have teams I want to win in each series but I don’t find interest in actually watching their games.

I was a hockey fan before I was a Capitals fan so this is an odd sensation for me. I usually will watch any team, any time of the day or night, any league, god is there just some hockey on?! But, the Caps have left me with a listless taste in my mouth for hockey.

In the rooting department the Bruins managed to catch my interest this post season. Last year it was the Blackhawks, this year it is the Bruins. The Bruins have a lot of players I like individually and being from Boston I suppose that was only a matter of time. So I suppose it’s let’s go Bruins from here to whenever:

Oh dear, they really are sort of precious in a they are not my Capitals sort of way.

And of course I haven’t forgotten: go Hershey Bears!

(Big props to @takingnames for finding this where ever she did find this.) Neuvirth didn’t your mother ever tell you not to go poke strange animals?


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Weagle Scout Playoff Edition ’10: Montreal at Washington Game 7 Series 1

Series 1 will be the only series for the Caps. They fell 2-1 tonight to the Montreal Canadiens. The Habs fully deserved the win, and the winning of the series all in all. There is no doubt that the Caps and their fans are gutted completely.

This year was the best in Caps regular season hockey. The post season was heart breaking but nothing can be denied that the regular season was fantastic. A cruel way to end it for a great team. The 09-10 Caps are no more and from the sense of the team it seems that many of the familiar faces will be gone in October.

For better or for worse I am proud of this team, in the regular season at the least (perhaps not so much in the low points of the post season), and anyone trying to discount that has no appreciation of hockey as a sport.

I give my best to the Canadiens in the post season, I hope they do as well as they did against us against their second round opponents.

Our Weagle Scout of the Game?

You all

As corny as it is we, I and Anna, really do want to thank you all for having stuck it out with us for our first whole season of Caps hockey, it was rough surely at the beginning. We look forward to an interesting and fun off-season. We aren’t going anywhere. You have our opinions of the rest of the playoffs, “Better Know a Prospect” and more Development camp shenanigans to look forward to before October begins. And, we’re hoping to stick around a while on the blog-o-sphere and hope to have big things planned for the future.  

This team gave us a lot of hope, it united a city bruised by our sports teams briefly, and they broke more than a few hearts but they have a lot to be proud of and we the fans have a lot to be proud of them for.

It was over far too quickly but there is always tomorrow to look forward to. Here is to the future and what ever it holds. 

You’re stuck with us Caps, you have been for years and will be for years to come.

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Weagle Scout Playoff Edition: Washington at Montreal Game 6 Series 1

The first period was… frustrating for Caps fans to watch. There is unfortunately not much good to say for the Caps, in fact there isn’t much to say at all in general; Michael Cammalleri scored twice. Poti was clearly screening Varlamov on one, the other was a shot off point after a faceoff. The first period ends 2-0 Habs

The 2nd period was as frustrating as the first. However the most mythical of hockey penalties, a diving call was called on some one who actually dived! That was at least a little heart warming, Maxim Lapierre received the penalty after a truly comical dive. No one scored in the second period. The second period ends 2-0 Habs still.

Third period… oh forget it what is there to say? It was the Halak show. Fehric scored (and he has had a fantastic series for what it’s worth) however Maxim Lapierre scored and also Tomas Plekanec scored on an empty netter. 4-1 is you final score.

Weagle Scout of the Game

No One

No one was very impressive so um… hey how about them Hershey Bears?

Game 7 is one Wednsday in DC. Series is now 3-3.

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Weird and Wacky Search Terms: a Particularly Creepy Week of Search Terms

Okay here we go, wacky and weird search terms once again!

Things that make you say oh shit

How about this search term from the same week “mario lemieux played like a girl” Ohhhhh shit!  Buuuurn.

Varlamov Mullet

… Could you be sitting ANY creepier?

Staal kissing Malkin

I’d really rather not know…

Why does brooks laich shave his hair

Why would you EVER need to know WHY he does it? Does it matter? Maybe it’s just too hot down in Virginia compared to Canada. Maybe his head gets all stanky with long hair.

Mike green no shirt capitals

I never… want to speak of this again.

Milan Jurcina

Nice outfit, Juice, nice outfit. (By the way; when are you coming back, favoritest Slovak?!)


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