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Spotlight on a Hometown: Wawota, SK

So kids, today we are going to talk about the home land of Brooks Laich, everyones favorite Saskatchewan native- wait Boyd Gordon is from Saskatchewan too isn’t he? Everyone’s favorite Saskatchewan native who’s last name starts with “L”.

Why I recently learned a lot about Wawota is a long and boring tale that involved a prank that may have involved a made up person from Canada. And, know I will use this sudden depth of knowledge to bring you a lovely new type of post “Spotlight on a Hometown” in which we learn all about a Capitals player’s hometown or homeland. And, since I already know so much about it our first one will be all about Wawota, Saskatchewan.

That little “A” there is Wawota. (Did you know there was a Rugby, North Dakota? Neither did I but there it is.)

According to the Wawota official website

“Wawota is a picturesque community of 520 friendly people located on Highway #48, 16 miles northeast of Moose Mountain Provincial Park. It’s name is derived from an Indian word meaning “deep snow”.

The Town is situated on the edge of the Little Pipestone Valley, which is a natural recreation area, currently utilized for nature trails and hiking in the summer. In winter it is popular for tobogganing, cross-country skiing and snowmobiling. This area is also a natural amphitheater which has been used for concerts, as well as the R.C.M.P. Musical Ride.”

520 people? Holy cow! That is smaller than my high school. By a lot. And, whoa. What is the Royal Canadian Mounted Police Musical Ride? That catches my eye. I googled it and it doesn’t sound nearly as fun as my mental picture but that is okay.

Wawota according to Wikipedia was established in 1905 and is apparently famous for “…its unusual collection of fire hydrants, painted to resemble various people and cartoon characters.” Wow! I’ll give them that. My grandma’s small town doesn’t even have fire hydrants. But that’s Ohio. Nobody cares if it burns down.

And interestingly “Wawota is also noteworthy as the ‘twin capital’, due to the large number of twin births recorded in the community, particularly throughout the late 1970s and early 1980s.” Too bad Brooks Laich didn’t have a twin. Can you even imagine.

There is a real estate page on the Wawota website  with a wonderful list of reasons to move to Wawota (and, an advert for a house that is for sale that is actually pretty sweet if your looking for a house and want to move to Canada check it out) here are my favorite reasons to the Wawota website gives you on why Wawota is a great place to live:

Sorry Wawota but having grown up in the big city if my water isn’t the same color as brewed coffee I don’t want it.

Once again, if my air ain’t the color of brewed coffee, I don’t want to breath it.

I have always wanted to develop a gambling habit.

And, considering there are 520 people there I imagine when Jimmy Bob steals an apple from the grocer we figure it out pretty fast.

So when I’m rolling like a gangsta in my 1992 Ford Tempo it will be one smooth ride.

Considering Canada has free health care and a lower drinking age  I’m not sure why you’d want to come the US a lot.

Brooks Laich gets his entire own page on the Wawota Website.

So there we are anything you might ever need to know about Wawota, Saskatchewan. Dazzle all your friends at your next dinner party with your intimate knowledge of Canadian small town life.





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Weagle Scout of the Game: Caps at Thrashers 10/8/2010

First Caps game of the year…. Oh f*** it I’ve got nothing to say to be honest.

Weagle Scout of the Game:

(Photo Credit: the Hockey News)

Brooks Laich

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Two Contract Extensions. Two Vastly Different Reactions.

The Capitals signed two players to new contract extensions since yesterday. One makes me feel warm and fuzzy like I ate a kitten or something of equal fuzzy adorableness. The other makes me want to gargle with a shotgun. Of course I would never dare feel warm and fuzzy OR gargle with a shot gun because those are both highly dangerous things to do. (How is warm and fuzzy dangerous? Watch a tall person try to skip. It is a terrifying sight.)

The first of the two contracts was that Tom Poti signed a two year contract extension, $5,750,000 all together. As anyone knows watching Tom Poti stick his butt in the face of his own goalie on a nightly basis makes me want to punch nuns in anger. We all love Poti. He’s a swell guy and he tries so darn hard but wouldn’t he be better for the Caps on an opposing team? Like a double agent. Go forth agent double 003 and screen the other teams goalie to your hearts content. I will give you my undying love in such a case.

The seconds of the two is Michal Neuvirth for a two year, 1,150,000 per year contract extension. The time and money means there is very little to gripe about. We can see how he pans out in minimal cost and then consider how to go on from there. This contract is so good in fact I think I’ll go reenact this in public:

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The Hockey Chronicles’ Official Guide to the Washington Capitals Official Media Guide

Every year the media guide comes out for the Capitals. And, every year I nearly pee myself in excitement waiting for it to download off the internet and into my PDF reader’s loving arms. This year was no less promising then the last.

So to you I now present: The Hockey Chronicles’ Official Guide to the Washington Capitals Official Media Guide.

Nicklas Backstom’s first job was as a carpenter. Nicklas Backstrom has long untidy hair. Nicklas Backstrom makes miracle passes on a gamely basis. All shall refer to Nicklas Backstrom as “Hockey Jesus” from here-forth.

Francois Bouchard has a brother,Pierre-Marc Bouchard, who plays for the Minnesota Wild. Clearly Francois stole all the hair genes. However “FrancoisFace” is all relative. Keep up the good fight for constantly awkward-faced hockey players every where, Bouchard family.

Joe Finley lists one of his favorite hockey memories as the come back against Wisconsin to advance to the Final Four… Bastard. Just kidding… maybe.

Andrew Gordon’s personal section neglected to mention he spends his free time in a tree baking cookies. I demand this is rectified.

Here’s a challenge. Read the media guide from the last page up in the players section and guess the player from their personal section information. “…Favorite movie is “Gladiator”… BOYD GORDON!” He’s the only player I guessed from reading one sentence mostly because it appears he hasn’t watched a new movie since 2000.

Kyle Greentree’s favorite athlete is Mario Lemieux… I’ve got my eye on you, Greentree.

NeuvirthFace continues another glorious year. Now I’m not overly familiar with Czech culture but I think it might do well to explain to him that the camera will not steal his soul if he makes a normal face. Or perhaps I should say it might do well to NEVER EVER explain this to him so NeuvirthFace might continue on for years to come.

Matthieu Perreault would be a police officer if he wasn’t a hockey player. I have several reactions to this. 1.  picturing him and Francois Bouchard as a crime fighting duo the likes of Batman and Robin. 2. Remembrance of the episode of “Friends” with Danny DeVito as the stripper. That one is just mean on several different levels.

Now I preface this next bit with a hunch of mine. I’d like to think due to random evidence there is an unspoken competition going on between Varlamov and Neuvirth. And here is one reason why:

If Neuvy can make weird faces in his photo, Varlamov will take it up a level with the hair. In fact I think if Neuvirth’s facial expressions and Varlamov’s hair had a baby it would be this:


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Wacky and Weird Search Terms

Everyones favorite post is back! After a hiatus for more “quality” posting it’s back with the fluff we all know and love!

“Ovechkin and Semin speedo party”

I heard they’re just urban legend’s like the loch ness  monster, big foot, or Winston Churchill… Wait… you’re telling me Winston Churchill was-… OR like Paul Bunyan. However if they are real you can count on us to investigate!

“Jose Theodore Chicago Blackhawks”


Qu’est-ce que? Is that possible, because it would be quite the situation. Chicago; the team for Cap’s former goaltenders? Could they dethrone Tampa Bay as the land of Caps forgot?

“Sergei Fedorov shirtless”

I have no such thing on my computer so it is at hand at such times as-

Damn you.

“Adam Burish girlfriend badgers”

Adam Burish girlfriend badgers? Oh dear I think dating badgers is illegal in most states. Oh perhaps you mean this Urban Dictionary meaning of “badgers”;

So you’re wondering if he gets his girlfriends by going to garage sales extra early? Interesting strategy, sir.

“Nicklas Backstrom smile”

It’s like a cherub smiling upon your soul.

“Hockey Chronicles NPR”


No, the Hockey Chronicles is NOT affiliated with NPR. However perhaps you mean the Hockey Diaries by the delightful Media Chameleon from last year? Well I’m happy to report from their official Twitter feed there seems to be new ones this year from Knuble and Sloan.

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Shallow Post Is Shallow but Funny

So both the Chronicles bloggers plan to be at Development Camp a few days this week. Of course we’re excited; we’ve wondered if anyone will try to hit a puck at us again, if my nemesis Smoothie Cup lady will be back, or if Bruce will say “hello” to us why we lurk in a hallway like last year. So of course our Sunday will drag by so to entertain ourselves we present “hockey stuff I found on google”:

Fedorov would clearly be Jill.

That sir’s arm is not amused.

It’s not that funny I just love young Knuble.

Breath, our lovely Cougar readers, breath. He doesn’t.

…Berries and Cream man?

He’s practicing his “HAI GURL” pose

“And, after scoring the winning goal Matthew Bradley, #10, went and helped birth a baby buffalo but not before doing a quick bit of composting.”


Real goalies where pink? No, apparently hippie vomit.

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Ten Things: Why You, UFA Player, Should Sign with the Caps

T’was the night before Free Agent Frenzy and all through the league, all the GMs were stirring, preparing for big trades. The blank jerseys were hung by the jersey lettering stations with care, in hopes there would soon be a new name to put on there. Your bloggers were nestled all snug at their desks, visions of all the reasons free agents should sign to their team dancing in their head;

1. Our Russians know how to party.

2. Matt Bradley will organize your trash and recyclable for you. (Though he may punch you in the junk. LOVINGLY, of course.)

3. It is rumored Green hides cookies in various places around Kettler… SHHHHH it’s a secret…

4.Backstrom will babysit your kids but he’ll probably need a babysitter also.

Which is baby Nicki and which is adult Nicki? Your guess is as good at mine.

5. Mike Green and Eric Fehr have grill duty covered at cook outs! 


6. Knuble… will probably just nap a lot but hey that will make you feel like a youngin’ again!

Pssst… Don’t stare at his eye… STOP IT!

7. Your hair will always look good… well as long as you are standing next to Varlamov.

Look at all the hair gel that hair soaks up. Hey! I think we found a solution to plugging up the oil spill… SEND THAT MAN TO THE GULF!

8. Your table manners will look amazing next to Semin’s.

9. Our team has a resident car mechanic.

10. If the cable is ever out It’s probably really funny to mess up Brooks Laich’s uber organized pantry and watch him freak out.

BONUS: You’ll also you learn new geography I mean tell me you all did not go “Where the hell is ‘Jurmala’?” Hey at least I know where Latvia is.

From my 8th grade history class: Remember ELL; Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania!


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Summer Time and the Living Means We’ve Been Lazy

Sorry for the silence recently. We at the Chronicles have been very busy the past weeks but we’re back, we’ve got nothing but free time on our hands and nothing but loving attention to lavish upon the blog. So here is what we’ve missed:

The Hershey Bears are in the Calder Cup finals against the Texas Stars. I, Meghan, was at Game 1. It was fun though they lost and it took me five hours to drive there though it is only a three-hour drive.

It looks as though Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, Jose Theodore, will not be coming back next season. I’m torn on this because though Jose Theodore was beyond amazing this season well Contract Year Jose and Non-Contract Year Jose maybe two different species as we’ve seen before.

Eric Fehr and Eric Belanger are in negotiations with the Capitals however Walker and Corvo will not be invited back. Can we call backsies on the Corvo trade?

Reebok Zigtech – Ovechkin from soundscape music + sounddesign on Vimeo.

While I’m still not sure why hockey players are promoting tennis shoes here is Ovie’s Zigtech commercial. He plays hockey against some bears so obviously it’s rather dry, straight forward and boring.

A translated video from a Russian parody program during the Olympics. Ovie sounds like Ringo Star.

Friend of the Blog Russian Machine Never Break continues their “Gordo’s Take” series with Hershey Bear’s Andrew Gordon.

Ted’s buying the Wizards was approved. He now owns the Verizon Center and has started a new company called Monumental Sports and Entertainment. Things are looking good in Caps Land.

Every. Single. Summer. Why Ovie? WHY?

Versteeg raps. I pretend I’m not dying a lot inside.

JR shows what is amazing about hockey players (remembering a kid who was crying in 1992 after you let him down? Heartbreaking) Milbury reminds me why I want nothing more than to punch him in the jeans.

Alexandre Giroux may sign in the KHL next year. Why maybe not a big blow the the Caps, the Bears (AND MY HEART) would suffer a good blow from it.

That seems to be all we missed… though I feel like I’m forgetting something…

Oh yeah! Congrats to the 2010 Blackhawks for winning the Stanley Cup! We like them and anyone but Philly am I right?


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Alex Ovechkin: Country Music Star

In a summer already filled with scandal after an uncouth Canadian Yahoo! answers user broke us the news that not only were Alex Semin and Alex Ovechkin  brothers but so were Patrick Sharp and Patrick Kane I wondered if there could be anything else of interest to happen after such amazing news.

But yesterday two Twitter followers and hockey fans (@CanadaYotesFan and Amy of I follow broke some extremely mind-blowing news;  Alex Ovechkin most out spoken opposer to said music genre is a country music star and guitarist for Lady Antebellum:

(picture taken by @CanadaYotesFan at said concert)

I know I was stunned too. Pick your jaw up off the floor, and dust it off if your floor is as dirty as our. I suppose we should have seen this coming; when you hang out with a man who has a mullet all the time it’s only a matter of time before you pick up the banjo.

To find out who this amazing supposed doppelgänger is I contacted the blogs resident Pittsburgh Penguins and country music expert and got on the case. Of course after a good few minutes of razing about how she likes a band with a guitarist that could be Ovie’s brother (but, that is Semin what am I talking about) then I got on the case.

His name is Dave Haywood… or is it?

(that is all Anna’s wonderful photoshop fault; you can thank her.)

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Question: Why Can’t We Watch the Calder Cup Playoffs on NHL Network

Monday evening I was taking in a Memorial Cup game on NHL Network. I had much rather been watching or listening to the Bears game but in between the monsoon that was unleashing itself over southern-north-eastern Virginia and the fact I’m in the middle of the process of packing for a move it was difficult to get an internet signal to get a feed.

Now no offense to my friends who care about the Memorial Cup but I don’t care. I love hockey but I don’t pay attention to the Canadian leagues outside of listening to two WHL games this year. I’m not going to pretend I have a favorite team in ever league of hockey every where to sound like more of a hockey fan. I like the NHL, AHL, College hockey and pay some attention to the German (Berlin!), and just because they’re completely amusing, the British league (Edinburgh!) but otherwise I don’t have the time to be caring about a whole lot of teams I can’t even watch on TV ever, as a student I don’t have time to be finding feeds or reading blogs or listening to online radio, I already juggle several teams like this any more teams and my brain would most likely explode. Judge me as you will.  

So I was wondering as I sat there recognizing a lot of the names on the teams but not really knowing anything about the teams playing and pondering the weirdness that is Ian Schultz and his dark skin tone though he is the brother of Jeff, why NHL Network is not showing Calder Cup games.

To me, biased Bears fan and AHL lover (if I lived closer to an AHL team so I got games on TV I have no doubt I would be more of an AHL fan than a NHL fan), I would think a lot of people would be, especially in this part of North America, very interested in watching their NHL farm teams battle it out on TV. I  know the CHL has loads of prospects in it. It’s “the future of the NHL” but the AHL is the immediate future of your team. As of recently every single NHL team has an AHL affiliate.

Of course the NHL Network probably has a contract with the network that shows the Memorial Cup games that requires them to show a certain amount, and maybe though they occasionally show AHL games during the regular season the AHL wants to stick people outside of the local network with the fees on but I’d be very interested to know why exactly I can’t watch one of the hockey leagues most closely associated with the NHL on NHL Network more than just the “AHL Game of the Week” and why I can’t get playoff games (the most exciting part!) on there. What am I paying for?

Why as an AHL fan am I not given more access to my team outside of payed for feeds, free feeds (that you can’t find during the playoffs!), or crappy online radio (am I the only one who only gets it in one speaker?) just because I live a mere three hours from my favorite team (and also 3 hours from the Admirals.) Maybe this is just me, maybe I’m just being my usual cantankerous self, but I think there must be other AHL fans living in places outside of their teams market equally frustrated by the fact we are not given more access to the second largest hockey league, in the United States at least , and it’s ever-expanding.

Is this because the AHL is mostly in America? Is this another one of those “Oh well Canada gets more access to their minor league hockey because they just love the sport more” thing? Or, is this just a genuine missed opportunity by the NHL Network and the AHL? Maybe one of my readers ever more versed in the nuances of hockey TV broadcast or legal sort of things would know.

I know there are a lot of CHL fans and people interested in the Memorial Cup and I could never begrudge them wanting to see their teams but couldn’t they show both? I feel like we should be able to find away to see most of both playoffs. Perhaps there is an easy answer I’m just not aware of about why can’t I watch the Calder Cup Playoffs on NHL Network or maybe there is no reason at all besides that it never occured to who ever is in charge of these things.

Until then I sit here and wonder if Dan Elis is part goat. (His beard it looks like a red headed Mr. Tumnus from the Narnia movies)

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