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Alex Ovechkin: Country Music Star

In a summer already filled with scandal after an uncouth Canadian Yahoo! answers user broke us the news that not only were Alex Semin and Alex Ovechkin  brothers but so were Patrick Sharp and Patrick Kane I wondered if there could be anything else of interest to happen after such amazing news.

But yesterday two Twitter followers and hockey fans (@CanadaYotesFan and Amy of I follow broke some extremely mind-blowing news;  Alex Ovechkin most out spoken opposer to said music genre is a country music star and guitarist for Lady Antebellum:

(picture taken by @CanadaYotesFan at said concert)

I know I was stunned too. Pick your jaw up off the floor, and dust it off if your floor is as dirty as our. I suppose we should have seen this coming; when you hang out with a man who has a mullet all the time it’s only a matter of time before you pick up the banjo.

To find out who this amazing supposed doppelgänger is I contacted the blogs resident Pittsburgh Penguins and country music expert and got on the case. Of course after a good few minutes of razing about how she likes a band with a guitarist that could be Ovie’s brother (but, that is Semin what am I talking about) then I got on the case.

His name is Dave Haywood… or is it?

(that is all Anna’s wonderful photoshop fault; you can thank her.)


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The Whole Story

Everyone has seen and got a chuckle out of the photos of the Blackhawk players par-taying in their recent trip to Canada. It’s not that they’re scandalous; just amusing. But I agree with the insulted fan (girls) these pictures are OBVIOUSLY taken out of context!

Obviously, the players were having a fun night at the hotel playing a rousing game of UNO when they all became hungry and since hotel room service was closed our intrepid travellers being the team loving men they are volunteered to run out.

So after picking up some snacks and adult beverages (hey, they’re all over age now) they were driving back when they noticed some nice young ladies with a broken down car! Being nice young men they offered these nice young ladies a ride back to their home. It would be a bit squished but they wouldn’t let these nice young ladies decline the offer to help. They also offered them some of the snacks and drinks like nice young men of course.

Well some of these young ladies had no jackets! Kane and Madden being perfect gentleman offered them their shirts, I mean it’s winter!

And, Versteeg put his sunglasses on, even though it’s night out, to act out the story of the time he helped a old blind man cross the street.

And, then I took his hand like this, yup just like how you’re holding it, and guided him across the street

Patrick then asked what the nice young ladies thought of the “Pants on the Ground” song. The young ladies had no idea what that was! They’re Canadian they didn’t know about American idol. So Patrick bravely took one for the team and did a haunting redition of “Pants on the Ground” for these American pop culture deprived young ladies.

“Pants on the ground/pants on the ground/lookin’ like a fool with your pants on the ground.”

They then dropped the nice young ladies at their home and returned back to the hotel. They then stayed up to a scandelous eleven thirty at night playing Scrabble and promptly went to bed.

Thanks to the Orland Kurtenblog from whom I stole all these photos from:

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10 Things: Road Trip!

This weeks SnapShots asked the guys about what hockey players like to bring on road trips. ( But, here are some other things you might want to bring along on road trips.

1. You HAVE to bring Gary the Bear along. He might get lonely all by his self.

2. You bring DA FUNK.

3. Bring bubble gum for the air plane ear.

4. Snacks for the ride… like cheese?


5. Your hitchhiking thumb in case you miss the team bus. (It happens ask Patrick Sharp)

6. And, you might want to bring the sweet chick magnet car.

Capsinguyliner.png image by 19backisfan

7. Hair Gel… lots and lots of hair gel.

8. Sunglasses… Sunglasses…. Sunglasses…Moustache! Okay, maybe not the moustache.

9. The Sass… always have the sass.


10. And, you ALWAYS bring your jazz hands!

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Mike Green: Smoothest Man Alive?

Hardly. This video: shows dearest Senior Bachelor face putting his best(?) moves on two ladies at the Redskins game. He has his arm draped across Nicklas like “Hell if they recognize him I better make sure they know I’m with him then.” and says in that voice that drips of high school “So you guys like hockey?” I can hardly resist imagining him with bushy eyebrows which he then wriggles. He doesn’t of course because he was suspiciously well groomed eye brows.

But perhaps the best part is the expression of the on the one girls face like “Who is this dork? Why are you talking to me? And, what is with that stupid hat?” (okay perhaps the last bit was all me; what the hell Green it was 80 degrees out on Sunday) It was certainly one of the more amusing things I’ve ever seen (of course it does not top the Backstrom sleeping over at Ovies house thing which was criminally left out of the video) I almost suspect the other girl had some idea who they were. He smoothly (haha right) mentions they know some hockey players and they were at the game the night before “right on the ice. Awesome” Face palm. Just face palm.

Mike Green who we all have suspect of being a bit of tool rather confirmed it. However he also made him look like so much of a dork I rather can’t but like him a little again. He’s an idiot but he’s a dorky idiot. But still he is an IDIOT. *mutters under breath* IDIOT

And, poor Nicklas probably completely lost to the nuances(?) of the adult world. Probably thinking “Mike you’re an idiot. If Ovie was here… well Mike you’re just an idiot.”

It’s okay Mike we all still like you; as a friend.


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