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Weagle Scout of the Game: Caps at Thrashers 10/8/2010

First Caps game of the year…. Oh f*** it I’ve got nothing to say to be honest.

Weagle Scout of the Game:

(Photo Credit: the Hockey News)

Brooks Laich

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Weagle Scout Playoff Edition ’10: Montreal at Washington Game 7 Series 1

Series 1 will be the only series for the Caps. They fell 2-1 tonight to the Montreal Canadiens. The Habs fully deserved the win, and the winning of the series all in all. There is no doubt that the Caps and their fans are gutted completely.

This year was the best in Caps regular season hockey. The post season was heart breaking but nothing can be denied that the regular season was fantastic. A cruel way to end it for a great team. The 09-10 Caps are no more and from the sense of the team it seems that many of the familiar faces will be gone in October.

For better or for worse I am proud of this team, in the regular season at the least (perhaps not so much in the low points of the post season), and anyone trying to discount that has no appreciation of hockey as a sport.

I give my best to the Canadiens in the post season, I hope they do as well as they did against us against their second round opponents.

Our Weagle Scout of the Game?

You all

As corny as it is we, I and Anna, really do want to thank you all for having stuck it out with us for our first whole season of Caps hockey, it was rough surely at the beginning. We look forward to an interesting and fun off-season. We aren’t going anywhere. You have our opinions of the rest of the playoffs, “Better Know a Prospect” and more Development camp shenanigans to look forward to before October begins. And, we’re hoping to stick around a while on the blog-o-sphere and hope to have big things planned for the future.  

This team gave us a lot of hope, it united a city bruised by our sports teams briefly, and they broke more than a few hearts but they have a lot to be proud of and we the fans have a lot to be proud of them for.

It was over far too quickly but there is always tomorrow to look forward to. Here is to the future and what ever it holds. 

You’re stuck with us Caps, you have been for years and will be for years to come.

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Weagle Scout Playoff Edition: Washington at Montreal Game 6 Series 1

The first period was… frustrating for Caps fans to watch. There is unfortunately not much good to say for the Caps, in fact there isn’t much to say at all in general; Michael Cammalleri scored twice. Poti was clearly screening Varlamov on one, the other was a shot off point after a faceoff. The first period ends 2-0 Habs

The 2nd period was as frustrating as the first. However the most mythical of hockey penalties, a diving call was called on some one who actually dived! That was at least a little heart warming, Maxim Lapierre received the penalty after a truly comical dive. No one scored in the second period. The second period ends 2-0 Habs still.

Third period… oh forget it what is there to say? It was the Halak show. Fehric scored (and he has had a fantastic series for what it’s worth) however Maxim Lapierre scored and also Tomas Plekanec scored on an empty netter. 4-1 is you final score.

Weagle Scout of the Game

No One

No one was very impressive so um… hey how about them Hershey Bears?

Game 7 is one Wednsday in DC. Series is now 3-3.

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Weagle Scout Playoff Edition ’10: Montreal at Washington Game 5 Series 1

The first period… well that was… not awesome let’s say. Not awful but the Habs scoring only a minute and a half in on a Michael Cammalleri goal was a killer to the buzz. The Caps played fairly well though they could not convert on their 3 power play opportunities and defense was lacking.  Semin had a fantastic poke check and brought up hopes his lackluster play was coming to an end. Interestingly Belanger got clipped up high (on a non-call) and pulled his own tooth out on the bench. Hard core, Eric. Travis Moen scored to really kill the buzz. The first period ended 2-0 Habs.

The 2nd period went much the same as the first. Not bad but not good. Ovie and Knuble connected once again for the only goal of the period which was credited Ovechkin. The refs seemed to be helping the Habs out a little with quite a few non calls NOT that I would know because CSN and all my lower channels went out for a good portion of the middle of the period, thanks Comcast, perfect timing. The 2nd period ended 2-1 Habs.

The song stays the same for the third period. Not good, not bad. The Caps were in the Habs end half the period and yet they couldn’t produce. In the end a stupid play by Varly at the last minute of the period made the Caps go on the penalty. The Caps managed to get THIS close to tying it up in the dying milliseconds but no cigar. The game ends 2-1 Habs.

So who is the Weagle Scout of the Game?

Jaroslav Halak

Okay before you go biting off any heads, I’m particularly attached to mine, let me explain myself. Seeing as none of the  Caps played particularly WELL I couldn’t choose a Weagle Scout but nor did any of the Caps play particularly BAD so I couldn’t go picking any Turkey Scouts of the game. So I just went with the best player overall. Hence, Le Scout Weagle du jeu… If he was playing against any other team I’d love him.

That game was very “eh” not bad but defiantly not good. So we head to Montreal on Monday for game 6. This series is now 3-2 Caps advantage.

Oh and we can have scoring on the power play please?

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Weagle Scout Playoff Edition ’10: Washington at Monteal Game 4 Series 1

Both teams came out flying in the first. The Habs were throwing the body, the Caps were driving offensively. The Habs do to their aggressiveness took a penaty about 40 seconds in, which it would have been a great hit if it hadn’t been well behind the play, but the Capitals did not convert on the power play until the second penalty about eight minutes in when Ovechkin scored. Only a minute or so later Cammalleri evened it up. The first period ended 1-1.

The second period was the Caps turn to take penalties. Despite giving the Habs, one of the best power plays in the league, three PPs the Habs only scored on one, a Gionta goal. Knuble scored on the third Caps penalty a SHG. The second period ended 2-2.

The third period was all Caps. Despite the Habs only taking two penalties (both on Carey Price), which the Caps did not score on either of those power plays, the Caps scored four times. Ovechkin, Chimera, Knuble (empty netter), and Backstrom (also empty netter) all scored. Moore scored for the Habs in between the Knuble and Backstrom ENs. The game ended in regulaton 6-3.

So with such awesome success who is our Weagle Scout of the Game?

Semyon Varlamov

It’s been a while Semyon but with many, many sparkling saves (our defense… just oy vey sometimes) deserves the distinction of Weagle Scout of the Game. Though it’s concerning Varly only seems to show up in important games.

Others with the distinction of Jr. Weagle Scout; still Boyd Gordon, the man is on fire and Nick Backstrom, five playoff goals and after his empty netter while passing in front of the Montreal bench Cary Price two hand smacked him with his stick and Nicki just gave him a smirk. One not classy Cary, two kiddos on not freaking out Nicklas; always killing them with kindness.

The series is 3-1 Caps.

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Weagle Scout Playoff Edition ’10: Washington at Montreal Game 3 Series 1

And you all were worried! The Caps came out in the first period and tore it up. It was very intense and most importantly the Caps played THEIR game though it was still could go any ones way. We end this period goose eggs 0-0.

But, what turned the tide for the Caps to REALLY play well was a short handed goal by Boyd Gordon, I don’t think he’ll be scratched again. Then Brooks Laich scored. Then Eric Fehr! Jaroslav Halak (who I love from the Olympics) was pulled and Carey Price came in for Montreal. Then Ovehckin scored! Which lead to an awkward Man-Love fueled celebration between Nicklas and him. The Habs took a lot of penalties and were clearly frustrated. 2nd period ends 4-0 Caps.

We came out for the third feeling good. Then Plekanec scored. This was a pivotal moment if the Caps let them score again too soon after that they could start a blazing comeback. 4-1 where have we seen that before? However they keep the Habs off. THEN MOTHER LOVING MATT BRADLEY SCORED! Yes it is indeed now playoff time, Matt. We end this game 5-1 Caps.

But with all this awesomesauceness who is our Weagle Scout of the Game?


The man had an amazing game what can I say? Goal, assists, in general AWESOMEness.

Some Jr. Weagle Scouts? Boyd Gordon is having the (two he played) playoffs games of this life and Jason Chimera; what a little smart pest!

Game on for Wednsday, still have a bit to be working (power play scoring please?) and still in Montreal. This series is now 2-1 Caps.

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Weagle Scout Playoff Edition ’10: Montreal at Washington Game 2 Series 1

The first period started out well, the Caps came out flying and looking good, and it stayed good… for all about exactly minute and then Gionta ripped one past Jose. It’s okay that was just a bad one, Caps fans thought. And, then Jose let another bad one in from Kostitsyn about 6 minutes later. Jose was pulled and Varly came in.

I can tell you right now I’m threatening physical violence to any person to discount Jose’s incredible year because of one bad playoff game.

 About 3 minutes after Varly was put in a great pass from Flash to Fehr caused a break away on which Fehr scored. 2-1 to end the first period.

In the second period is when some Caps fans started bandwagon jumping, way to hang in there guys, after Andrei Kostitsyn scored two more goals. Hat trick for Andrei. Then with a few minutes left Nicklas Backstrom scored! I believe I reacted like this. 4-2 Habs at the end of the second.

My second period intermission activities… 

2 minutes into the third intermission Ovechkin scored. And Nicklas again! We’re tied 4-4! Then Tomas Plekanec scored. I heard a noise like some people jumping off something right after… weird.  Anyways, AMERICAN HERO JOHN CARLSON SCORES! 5-5 at the end of the third!

So we go on to OT for the second time… 3 SECONDS IN NICKI SCORE IT AND GETS THE HAT TRICK! 6-5 CAPS WIN! CAPS WIN!

So who is our Weagle Scout of the Game?

Nicklas “Fudgeball” Backstrom (aka the mayor of awesome town)

Because I just don’t even know.

That was good and bad, mostly bad. The Capitals have a LOT to address, they can’t be playing games like that. Sure the Habs have given the Caps a spot of trouble this entire season but I do not like what I’m seeing.

Also shame on some of the fans already jumping ship before the 2nd period. I even saw people talking about firing Bruce. That was over doing it.

So we are head to Montreal! See you all on Monday. Je aime éliminatoire! This series is tied 1-1.


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