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Chim Chim Cher-ee….

Caps swept their regular season series with the Pens by winning 6-3 tonight. Ovie broke his long goal draught with not only 1 goal but 2. Overall is was nice to see an inspired effort by the Caps pnce again.

Fleury started the game but was pulled and Johnny was put in, who put on a surprisingly good show. In our net Varly looked pretty good for the whole game for perhaps the first time since his come back from injury. Overall the Caps in general looked fairly good.

Our Weagle Scout of the Game:

Jeff Schultz

That may seem fairly random but Schultz had a quietly REALLY awesome game. He was a poke checking  fiend and was a PLUS FIVE for the night.

In fact the only minus for the entire Caps team was S. Morrison but no surprise there. That was a nice way to end the last ever Caps vs Pens game at Mellon Arena.

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Bruins at Caps: Take 1

There is no question that was a less than spectacular performance from the Caps and a need to win attitude from the Bruins. You can’t much blame the Capitals for wanting to not wear themselves out or get injured with a playoff spot secured. Our (second) best defenseman, Green, was scratched and I can’t argue with the logic behind that.

All in all no particular Caps had a stand up game but none of them had terrible ones.

Our Weagle Scout of the Game is:

Jose Theodore

With a performance that probably secured him a spot as our playoff goalie, if there was any doubt coming into this game.

Some other notable Weagle lieutenants were Brooks Laich with his OT winner and Knuble/Ovie (Knublvection?) for some nice work to tie it up.

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Nice Try Montreal Munchkins

It feels like it’s been a while since we’ve been here. At home and at a normal time. Well the Capitals after going down a slippery slope of three very crappy games picked up the effort and began to look like a proper team again.

In big old news Ovechkin was named captain. Fourteenth captain in francise history, first European… blah blah like you didn’t all hear it a hundred times on Sports Nite and during the game. And, like you won’t read a million write up on other blogs. So I leave my opinon at; why I may not agree with the choice whole heartedly I have no major objections to the appointment of Ovie as captain.

So this game was much more like the Capitals we all know and love which is a great relief. And so, here is our:

Weagle Scout of the Game

Tomas Fleischmann

I think maybe more interesting than the naming of the new captain was the move of Flash to center. He seemed to play well there and it was a nice click.

Though may I mention Alexander Semin nearly got this distinction with his two goals and excellent, more than excellent, play. He didn’t take one stupid penalty, got in the crease, and tallied two goals.

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I Have No Excuses Now

The past three days have been extremely mixed emotion with the Capitals. The many jibjab videos were highly amusing so I was feeling warm and fuzzy but then I found out that not only did the Capitals used to have the rights to the little brother of my absolute favorite defenseman in the NHL and in general favorite NHL player, Brent Seabrook, but I completely missed that out we had him and I found out that we traded him over the summer and I never ever knew about it. I am so angry with myself.

I got over it but, then Japers Rink tried to destroy my perception of Nicki. I won’t have it! I won’t listen; LALALALALALALALA!

And, then we played Buffalo tonight. I was very nervous to have the boys facing Miller again. But, Nicki immediatly scored and in the end four other players tallied goals making it a five goal win to the sabres two. Our defense, our DEFENSE, played really well except on the one goal. It was amazing to see.

Our Weagle Scout is:
backstrom20 by semin's neighbor.
Baby face Backstrom– look at him he’s all chess-y…

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Out Truculence-ed

Well what started out well did not end well and the Leafs won by a good margin. After a good effort in the first the Capitals feel apart in embaressing fashion. They were straight up out worked. Out trucelence-ed (that can’t be a word). I thought Semin’s scrunched up “I’m not gonna cry” face after he got hit by that Ovie shot summed up the entire night.

However there was one shining star in this game and he is our;
Weagle Scout of the Game

The Mayor Fudgeball of Awesomesauce-ville; two goals, good effort. If you’re a Caps fan and you don’t love this kid then you don’t love all that is pure and good in this world. (I hope I’m not the only one uncomfortable with Mike Green’s man scarf)


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Harpooned Are the Former Whalers

So the game was a little iffy. Poor effort until towards the end of the second. However after pulling ahead in a fantastic effort… we let them tie it up. Free hockey time aka OT was required. Green brought back the Game Over in his nickname back.

Our Weagle Scout of the Game;

SEMIN! Because he had two goals and it was pretty awesome. Oh and the fact during the first intermisson’s interview Matt Bradley very nonchalantly threw out that “Nicki, Ovie and Jizz…” Yes, yes that is right Matt Bradley said like he has said it many times before, on semi-sorta-national television. He called Semin “Jizz”… and I was dying. I love Matt so much.

Oh do you like my super awesome Paint skills protecting the identity of the innocent? (There are just way to many things wrong with this picture; Is he at Burning Man?)

If you missed the magic that is Matt Bradley’s intermission interview you can see the video here:

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Buffaslugs… Meh

Ugh, Caps lost to Buffalo 3-0. Despite the Caps outshooting and trying very hard they couldn’t get past the hot streak that is Ryan Miller.

So despite a relatively good effort we lost but lets not forget out boys are on a long road trip. They looked tired. And, Jose was almost beheaded by Juice in practice which might not help with the game.

Brian left the game early and never came back. Because, that’s all the Caps need.

Matty Perreault was out with a bout of food posioning he should be back soon.

Varlamov has a lower body injury and Neuvirth has been called up but, if you watched the game you probably already know that. (and therefore Holtby called up to Hershey)

Bradley who wasn’t even at the game because the birth of his son (Henry James Bradley if you didn’t know; cute!) was the player of the game; both kind of sweet and disturbing.

OUR Weagle Scout of the Game;
Jeff Schultz!
Now I had a really hard time choosing but with the most TOI, even +/- and even a shot on goal I thought it was about fair.

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Forget Those Slackers!

Forget Ovies two goals, yet another Varlamov shut out, or the awesome effort that was that game; Matt Bradley is a father!

Matt Bradley missed the game for the birth and according to Joe B and Locker his name is Henry Bradley. Sounds like a little bruiser in the making. Some awesome people named Henry;

•Henry Ford

• …Indiana Jones real name was Henry.

• Umm… That’s all I got…

Weagle Scout of the Game:
We’ll give it to Ovie for his two goal return in this well earned (if not a little boring) win.

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I Know This Is Rather Late

Last nights game was easily catergorized as the weirdest game I’ve seen in a while. Ovie had a knee-on-knee hit and will be out “day-to-day”. Alzner accidently cut a ‘Canes leg. Two guys boarded Perreault and Perreault just sprung right up. I love that little kid. Nicklas broke his goaless streak like I said he would mind you, with two goals and he had a hand in every singe point scored in the game.

Our Weagle Scout of the Game:

Jose Theodore!

And, not just because I love any excuse to use that picture but because he played straight out of his mind despite the absolute crap the rest of the team was playing. And despite his questionable choice in foot wear (Mandals are just never okay) he did a really great job in goal.

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Les Capitals

Caps won in the shoot out 4-3 over the Canadiens. I only saw the 2nd and 3rd period so apparently I missed the only good period. I will say it Green played much like he should be playing. He made a pretty sweet bit of stick handling while on his butt against the board with a guy looming over him. Let’s keep it up, eh, Green?

Other wise the Caps looked a very hot mess. I was highly disapointed. Nicklas Backstrom however I think has got his mojo back. Though he did not score a regulation or even OT goal he scored the winning shoot out goal that was very beautiful and I think he finaly turned that corner he needed. He was going on an almost month long goal-less streak. Yeah it didn’t count but I think it was the mental thing he needs.

But our Weagle scout of the game is:
Eric Fehr! For netting two goals including the tie goal.

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