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In Which A Capitals Player Nearly Signed Meghan’s Ass

Okay, I’ll be honest, the title makes the story sound much more interesting than it actually is. The idea itself is kind of wacked yet the players did not react as much as I had hoped. Since Meghan was unable to go to Kettler with me yesterday, she had to scheme up something for me to do. What we decided on was to have a player sign a picture of Meghan. Yes, a picture of Meghan. I believe this idea is odd within itself. How often does a hockey player sign a picture of a random girl? Of course, random is not enough for us, we needed to get awkward.

I’m going to get all emotional and fuzzy and say that going back to Kettler after almost a year was kind of like coming home. I got there a little early and was able to see most of the drills done by the Bears they brought up (as well as a couple of other Caps players as well) before I went into the main rink to watch practice. As reflected by the Washington Post, the Caps are hoping they will be “rested, not rusty” when they come into the second round of the playoffs (starting tomorrow, by the way!) and honestly, I think yesterday’s practice reflected this. The boys looked relaxed and calm, playfully rough housing and goofing around at practice. Honestly, I think that is the key for success in this off-season. The team has the skill and the talent, but when trouble hits, they just freak out and fail fail fail. So honestly, I believe nothing rings more true than this:

I also did something I have never done before: I deliberately sought out players for their autographs. Normally, Meghan and I don’t do this; we just go to Kettler to watch practices and then leave. But since I had a mission, I had to. I waited on the side for autographs, with my We Want the Cup in Washington shirt and Meghan’s picture. I waited for the perfect player to sign the picture when Boyd Gordon came over!

Boyd was signing a bunch of pucks and shirts and such came to my picture, grabs my sharpie and the picture, and stops. He makes a confused face, looks up at me, back at the picture, back at me, and then shrugs and says “Alright.” I laughed and smiled at him, “Yup.” In the parking lot (which is really, really, really creepy – seriously people!), I got Holtby to sign it (since we all know how much Meghan loves him), but he didn’t react! It was rather disappointing.

I’m probably going on Monday, too, so maybe others will react more fantastically. This picture is going to get passed around until we get everyone, I swear. Summer is just beginning, readers. THC is back and Meghan and I are more readier than ever to be creeps.


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You Like Us, You Really Like Us!

Or at least you miss us. So, I’m sitting in a ridiculous class right now and I decided to check the blog, which I still do sporadically, just out of curiosity and surprisingly, we still have a fair amount of traffic coming through the site, especially for having been inactive since this season started. I want to thank everyone who still looks at this blog, whether they stumble upon through their (weird and wacky) search terms or because they have been checking it, anxiously awaiting our return.

Either way, thank you so much for taking the time to look at The Hockey Chronicles. It’s encouraging to know that some people out there believe that two high school girls ramblings about their favorite hockey team is worthwhile, even if for a moment.

Anyways, Meghan and I are both heading home for the summer in a few weeks and, while I cannot promise anything (especially because Meghan doesn’t know I’m posting this), we may kick-start this thing back up. At least for the summer. Because honestly, we’re both part of campus organizations that take up a lot of our time and blogging about hockey (when we both barely have time to watch hockey) is not on the top of our list of things to do… BUT we are going to be stuck at home working for the summer, so we will have some spare time on our hands… Of course, this is only tentative. Who knows what’ll happen in a couple weeks.

Thanks for spending at least a second of your lifespan reading this! GO CAPS!

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In Which Prospects Prove They Have Manners (And Where We Size Up the Capitals’ Future)

Unlike last year, where we were only able to attend the end-of-the-week scrimmage, your Chronicles girls were front and center (okay, more like front and to the left) for the first two days of the Washington Capitals’ Development Camp. 

Monday did not get off to a good start, simply because we had a 2+ hours of commute from our hometown to get there, and on very little sleep. Surprisingly, for the first day of camp, KCI was very empty. We had been expecting a fairly large crowd, but it was a bit of a nice surprise. In the section we were sitting in, we were the only ones, save the Capitals’ management who were taking notes on all of the players.

Group A took the ice a little earlier than 9:45. The group consisted mostly of familiar faces, though there were a handful neither Meghan nor I recognized. Kathryn (@takingnames) was kind enough to write down all the of prospects and their numbers in both groups. The list is as follows:

Fowards: Cody Eakin (50), Phil DeSimone (75), Sean Wiles (91), Patrick Cullen (9), Chris Forfar (18), Evgeny Kuznetsov (48), Jake Hauswirth (77), Stefan Della Rovere (84), David deKastrozza (87), Brendan Woods (34), Anton Gustafasson (94), Andrew Cherniwchan

Defensemen: Bond (17), Flemming (29), Bohumil Jank (47), Joe Finley (59), Samuel Carrier (65), Dmitri Orlov (81), Ian Ruel (95), Brennan Yadlowski

Goalies: Braden Holtby (70), Dan Dunn (80)

Around 2:30, Group B hit the ice, and I found myself not recognizing many of the faces. The group consisted mostly of invitees, so Meghan and I found it a much more exciting group to watch, simply because we did not know what to expect. Group B consisted of:

Forwards: Greg Burke (54), Felix Lefrancois (67), Caleb Herbert (72), Andy Miele (79), Anthony Pisano (96), Eric Alexander (96), Wade Macleod (64), Garrett Mitchell (76), Trevor Bruess (88), Stanislav Galiev (49), Cameron Burt (71), Marcus Johansson (90)

Defensemen: Patrick Cullity (24), Zach Miskovic (45), Steve Spinell (51), Kristaps Sotnieks (58), Dustin Stevenson (66), Patrick Wey (78), Ryan Lowery (92), Kurt Davis (98),

Goalies: Philipp Grubauer (31), Nauris Enkuzens, Taylor Nelson

The first day, there was a wide variety of drills, most of which were not particularly difficult or hard, though both groups were on the ice for a fair bit of time. We expect it was to allow the players of find their legs for the coaching staff to get an initial feel.  

On Day Two, there was fewer drills, but they lasted for a longer amount of time and were a bit more difficult. They were also more interesting to watch. The players seemed much more comfortable today and were a little more aggressive on the ice. They weren’t shy on hitting and getting rough along the boards.

Overall, most of the prospects did not catch either of our attention greatly, simply because they were average, which is to be expected as such a young age. By far, Cody Eakin (who, tragically, has a haircut reminiscent of a 1970s porn star) and Marcus Johansson were the most impressive out of the bunch, which didn’t take us by surprise.  Kuznetsov, the Capitals’ first round pick this year, as well as our fellow 1992 baby, looked extremely happy to be there, and generally seemed to be enjoying himself. It was adorable. His attitude reminded us of Laich, just having a good time and taking advantage of the opportunity. We also noticed that Joe Finley was chatting with the coaches and trying very earnestly to prove that he belongs in the organization. He obviously wants to be given a chance and be taken seriously. And, good news! Brett Flemming is not so tragically awful as he used to be! Now, he is simply average, not the worst one on the ice, which is a good thing because now Meghan and I don’t feel as silly for liking him.  No one particularly disappointed us, except perhaps, Gustafasson. To us, it just kind of seemed like he wasn’t into it, wasn’t trying as hard as he could. Maybe it was an off day. Who knows. We also noticed that Grubauer, the German goalie drafted this year, has a lot of vulnerable spots in his goaltending. As Meghan put it, “His five hole was gaping”. But, we’ve got to remember he is only 18.

Overall, it was exciting to see what the future holds for the Caps organization.

Now, as for the silly things that happened, we managed to have two more elevator adventures. On Day One, we found ourselves in the elevator with Stevenson (who we now adore) and another prospect, who we think was Mitchell on the way back from lunch. And, I’m proud to say that at least one of the prospects (Stevenson) knows his manners and full-on held the door for us, which redeemed prospects from the Holtby incident last year. I’m pretty sure we freaked him out with our over-excited “thank-yous!”. The second happened on Day Two, where we road the elevator down to lunch with Miskovic and two others. During the ride, Miskovic decided he would try to hold the “door close” button on the elevator to prevent it from stopping on other floors 0.o

Also, has anyone else noticed that Sean Wiles looks like Ovechkin from far away? Of course, not by skill, I mean looks (thankfully, though, he is not that unfortunate looking). Seriously, look!

It was a fun two days. We may be going on Saturday if we find the time and/or muster up the will to be around so many obnoxious people. If we do attend the scrimmage, expect another recap then. Pictures will be posted sometime tomorrow and linked on here as well as our twitter (@hockeychronicle).

For more official coverage of development camp/other points of view, be sure to check out Japers’ Rink. To view videos taken from camp by the capitals, go here.

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10, er 8, Things: My Mom’s 8 Most Disturbingly Hilarious Hockey-Related Thoughts

As I have mentioned time and time again, I was not raised in a hockey family, and at times, this causes some hilarious, odd, and sometimes downright disturbing situations with my mother:

08. *Watching the Caps game* “Hey, the Caps’ coach looks just like [Nikita] Khrushchev!”

07. “[Nicklas Backstrom] looks like a fairly attractive woman!”

06. *Looks at the cover of NHL 2K10* “It’s the ‘Toothless Wonder’!”

05. *Flipping through the Caps yearbook, landing on Poti’s page*
          Me: “I hate him”
          Mom: “Be nice! His last name is “potty”!”

04. Me: “I wish we [the Capitals] could get Toews…”

03. “[Jose Theodore] is one of the most attractive men I’ve ever seen!”

02. Mom: “Is Crosby the one who lives with his owner?”
        Me: “Yeah, I find it really creepy.”
        Mom: “Maybe they’re together.”
        Me: “Meghan and I say that all the time! Too bad he’s married with a kajillion kids.”
        Mom: “I doubt that’d stop them.”

01. “You didn’t touch them, did you?!” – in reference to the time Meghan and I were in an elevator with Eakin, Carlson, and Holtby


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Weird and Wacky Search Terms

Smoothest man alive

Oh, you mean Mike Green?

Brooks Laich secret nickname

At THC, we call him “Cougar Bait”. Though, I’m not sure it’s so secret anymore.

Backstrom nickname

He’s Fudgeball, of course!

Patrick Kane training

Obviously this doesn’t happen very often

Semyon gay boy

*sniggers* No self-respecting gay boy would dress like this:


Funny photo Washinghton Capitals

Oh, like this?

 Arch enemy cap

Not exactly sure what this is talking about, buttttttt, we here at THC have an arch enemy, whether he knows it or not.

Ovechkin bubble gum

Hopefully, when we’re not broke, we’re splurge for the $5 fee and get a domain name that’ll redirect here.

When Varlamov return

He has (coughunfortunatelycough). Three guesses for which games he has played in.

Nick Jonas

Stop. Searching. This. We have received over 100 hits because of some fangirls searching “Nick Jonas”. Leave. Us. Alone. And for good measure, have this (again):


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I Wanna Be the Very Best!

If you were a kid of the 90s, you remember Pokemon. Admit it, you had the cards, video games, stuffed animals, movies, and watched the television show every Saturday morning.

So, I was thinking, if some of the Caps were Pokemon, who would they be?


The face of the Pokemon craze. Always happy. Known for bursts of “intense electrical offensive…forces”.


Well-trained. Extremely loyal to friends.


Well-behaved unless angered. Known to lash out. Rash. “Rage attacks”. Sassy.


Adorable. Sings people to sleep. Did I mention adorable?


Generally well-mannered. Loyal. A bit sassy.


Kind of dopey. Unable to think clearly. Not the brightest. Stronger and more clever than he looks.

I am sure I have put your mind at ease. Enjoy 😀

[Credit to Bulbapedia for the info]


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“Diehards” vs “Bandwagoners” Pt. 2

You’ve all heard Meghan’s two-cents on this Washington Post article, but here’s mine:

Yes, I am a new fan. Yes, I didn’t pay attention to the Washington Capitals until 2007. Yes, I became a fan when the Washington Capitals were getting good. Yes, I didn’t become absolutely, totally, and completely a fan until the latter half of last season. Being a new fan doesn’t automatically make you a bandwagoner.

There’s a big difference between new fans and bandwagoners. Bandwagoners like it because it’s popular. They couldn’t care less about the game or the team or the players; they like it because it’s “cool”. New fans are just that – new. Being new to the Washington Capitals does not make me any less of a diehard fan. Bandwagoners cannot name players beyond the stars, or know the stats, or carry on conversations about the game or other teams, simply because they do not care. They abandon the team once they begin to do poorly, and more than likely, they’ll be gone by the off-season.

But new fans – new fans grow. They may start off as ignorant, but they transform into indistinguishable  knowledgeable, diehard fans. They learn the entire roster, they learn about the stats, they learn to carry on conversations about the game or other teams, simply because they do care. Half the time, you wouldn’t know they’re not from the “lean years” unless they tell you.

And, is it really such a bad thing that the Caps sell out the Verizon Center? That away team’s ticket sales go up when the Caps come to town? That more and more people are wearing Caps shirts, going to Caps practices, supporting the Caps? Because if you think it’s bad for the boys to be having so much success, then maybe you’re the bad fan, not the new ones.

So yes, I am a new fan. Hate me if you want, but know that I love this team just as much as you do.


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