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Spotlight on a Hometown: Wawota, SK

So kids, today we are going to talk about the home land of Brooks Laich, everyones favorite Saskatchewan native- wait Boyd Gordon is from Saskatchewan too isn’t he? Everyone’s favorite Saskatchewan native who’s last name starts with “L”.

Why I recently learned a lot about Wawota is a long and boring tale that involved a prank that may have involved a made up person from Canada. And, know I will use this sudden depth of knowledge to bring you a lovely new type of post “Spotlight on a Hometown” in which we learn all about a Capitals player’s hometown or homeland. And, since I already know so much about it our first one will be all about Wawota, Saskatchewan.

That little “A” there is Wawota. (Did you know there was a Rugby, North Dakota? Neither did I but there it is.)

According to the Wawota official website

“Wawota is a picturesque community of 520 friendly people located on Highway #48, 16 miles northeast of Moose Mountain Provincial Park. It’s name is derived from an Indian word meaning “deep snow”.

The Town is situated on the edge of the Little Pipestone Valley, which is a natural recreation area, currently utilized for nature trails and hiking in the summer. In winter it is popular for tobogganing, cross-country skiing and snowmobiling. This area is also a natural amphitheater which has been used for concerts, as well as the R.C.M.P. Musical Ride.”

520 people? Holy cow! That is smaller than my high school. By a lot. And, whoa. What is the Royal Canadian Mounted Police Musical Ride? That catches my eye. I googled it and it doesn’t sound nearly as fun as my mental picture but that is okay.

Wawota according to Wikipedia was established in 1905 and is apparently famous for “…its unusual collection of fire hydrants, painted to resemble various people and cartoon characters.” Wow! I’ll give them that. My grandma’s small town doesn’t even have fire hydrants. But that’s Ohio. Nobody cares if it burns down.

And interestingly “Wawota is also noteworthy as the ‘twin capital’, due to the large number of twin births recorded in the community, particularly throughout the late 1970s and early 1980s.” Too bad Brooks Laich didn’t have a twin. Can you even imagine.

There is a real estate page on the Wawota website  with a wonderful list of reasons to move to Wawota (and, an advert for a house that is for sale that is actually pretty sweet if your looking for a house and want to move to Canada check it out) here are my favorite reasons to the Wawota website gives you on why Wawota is a great place to live:

Sorry Wawota but having grown up in the big city if my water isn’t the same color as brewed coffee I don’t want it.

Once again, if my air ain’t the color of brewed coffee, I don’t want to breath it.

I have always wanted to develop a gambling habit.

And, considering there are 520 people there I imagine when Jimmy Bob steals an apple from the grocer we figure it out pretty fast.

So when I’m rolling like a gangsta in my 1992 Ford Tempo it will be one smooth ride.

Considering Canada has free health care and a lower drinking age  I’m not sure why you’d want to come the US a lot.

Brooks Laich gets his entire own page on the Wawota Website.

So there we are anything you might ever need to know about Wawota, Saskatchewan. Dazzle all your friends at your next dinner party with your intimate knowledge of Canadian small town life.






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The Return to the Blog

Hello dear readers.

Well this is rather awkward isn’t it? Anna said “Let’s start blogging now that we’re both down with college for the summer!” and I was very much for that idea responding with a “Fuck yes let us do that!” however the Caps were like “Just kidding guyz we’re going to get out of the playoffs.” leaving myself with nothing to talk about.

So yes, what to talk about? Um, how about this weather? Pretty cool for May, isn’t? And, hey! How about those other sports… you know? Those other sports… ?

Oh man you know what I’m just going to leave this here:

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We’re Not Quite Hanging Up the Skates (Or I Guess Keyboards)

You might have noticed we haven’t updated the blog in a while. And after a bit of thinking about it your Chronicles bloggers would like to announce as of right now the blog is being put on hiatus.

This isn’t for any reason besides the fact we seriously just don’t have the time for it at this point. One day perhaps we will breath life back into the ol’ blog here; maybe even as soon within in the next year. But as of right now and the general vicinity of right now we won’t be posting.

We’ve had a better run then we ever imagined! This blog got bigger than we ever expected. We reached our goals for this blog and have a lot of great readers and you guys have been great to silly old us. Our fellow bloggers were also never anything but awesome to us which we never expected. Big thank you to the likes of Punch in the Face, Hockey is my Boyfriend (who were basically here from the very beginning,) Japers Rink and Russian Machine. So we don’t really want to completely give up the blog yet.

This isn’t so much “good bye” as a “see you later”.

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Caps Convention 2010

The Capitals Convention of 2010 dawned on a chilly October morning. The Chronicles’ intrepid bloggers rolled in to the convention center and prepared for a crazy good time.

Well it ended up only being a pretty good time. Capitals Convention 2010 was certainly not as fun as the inaugural convention. I’d give it a solid “B” on a grading scale.

On a personal scale however it was a A million plus because I meet… my favorite Cap… my favorite goalie… and my second favorite NHL player ever…

I basically told Anna that if I didn’t get Olie’s autograph I would DIE and if I did get his autograph I would still DIE but of happy this time. It overlapped into our autograph slot and we were worried we would miss our wristband required one but I HAD HAD HAD to meet Olie and if anyone tried to stop me, I would throw myself upon the floor like a child and refuse to move.

Well it wasn’t that dramatic as Anna agreed to wait with me like the best friend/co-blogger anyone could ever have. I waited like a spaz and Anna commented that I was “fangirling out” and asked if I “was going to embarrassing myself” to which I replied “Please don’t let me say ‘I love you’.” to which she said “Oh god I want to see this. Go in front of me so I can watch.”

I did not say “I love you” you’ll be pleased (or disappointed if you enjoy my embarrassing myself) to hear. In fact I said nothing besides a mumbled “Thank you!” Then scurried away to freak out and run to our autograph session.

I was in the autograph line for

Chimera and Boyd Gordon. Chimera, as speedy in word as his is on foot, seemed to be peppering every fan with questions as he signed what ever they had, He asked me how I was doing as I handed him my item and when I said “Good, how are you?” he replied extremely enthusiastically “REALLY GOOD!” Boyd Gordon was unfortunately the victim of the fact that I had used all my word vomit control on Kolzig, I blurted out as I left “You’re my favorite! I’m really excited!” I apparently turn into a third grader once my word vomit control is all used up.

I only had one panel that was a must see and that was the kids ask the questions panel. It wasn’t quite as hilarious as last year with the dream team of Laich-Steckel-Bradley broken up but it was still pretty funny with Ovie-Bradley-Fehr.

When asked what their favorite TV shows were Bradley admitted that he was watching the “Jersey Shore” and said “They call me ‘the Situation’ you can figure out why.” Ovie while answering the question of what their favorite restaurants are couldn’t remember the name of one and when he did remember after a good minute of thinking cried out “JESUS CHRIST! *insert restaurant name as I didn’t hear as I was cracking up laughing*.” A little girl whose birthday it was asked if Brads and Fehr could sing Happy Birthday in English to them and Ovie to sing it in Russian and they obliged which was fantastic. Ovie also was asked by a little girl to say something in Russian and he did then he said it meant “You’re beautiful”. That received extreme “awww”s.

We also dropped in to see the Olie-Bondra panel but missed most since they moved it earlier than what the schedule said.

The convention this year was certainly fun. Some of it was much improved from last year (the sound system was incredibly improved.)  I meet Olie. That is going to be pretty tough to top next year.

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Two Contract Extensions. Two Vastly Different Reactions.

The Capitals signed two players to new contract extensions since yesterday. One makes me feel warm and fuzzy like I ate a kitten or something of equal fuzzy adorableness. The other makes me want to gargle with a shotgun. Of course I would never dare feel warm and fuzzy OR gargle with a shot gun because those are both highly dangerous things to do. (How is warm and fuzzy dangerous? Watch a tall person try to skip. It is a terrifying sight.)

The first of the two contracts was that Tom Poti signed a two year contract extension, $5,750,000 all together. As anyone knows watching Tom Poti stick his butt in the face of his own goalie on a nightly basis makes me want to punch nuns in anger. We all love Poti. He’s a swell guy and he tries so darn hard but wouldn’t he be better for the Caps on an opposing team? Like a double agent. Go forth agent double 003 and screen the other teams goalie to your hearts content. I will give you my undying love in such a case.

The seconds of the two is Michal Neuvirth for a two year, 1,150,000 per year contract extension. The time and money means there is very little to gripe about. We can see how he pans out in minimal cost and then consider how to go on from there. This contract is so good in fact I think I’ll go reenact this in public:

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The Hockey Chronicles’ Official Guide to the Washington Capitals Official Media Guide

Every year the media guide comes out for the Capitals. And, every year I nearly pee myself in excitement waiting for it to download off the internet and into my PDF reader’s loving arms. This year was no less promising then the last.

So to you I now present: The Hockey Chronicles’ Official Guide to the Washington Capitals Official Media Guide.

Nicklas Backstom’s first job was as a carpenter. Nicklas Backstrom has long untidy hair. Nicklas Backstrom makes miracle passes on a gamely basis. All shall refer to Nicklas Backstrom as “Hockey Jesus” from here-forth.

Francois Bouchard has a brother,Pierre-Marc Bouchard, who plays for the Minnesota Wild. Clearly Francois stole all the hair genes. However “FrancoisFace” is all relative. Keep up the good fight for constantly awkward-faced hockey players every where, Bouchard family.

Joe Finley lists one of his favorite hockey memories as the come back against Wisconsin to advance to the Final Four… Bastard. Just kidding… maybe.

Andrew Gordon’s personal section neglected to mention he spends his free time in a tree baking cookies. I demand this is rectified.

Here’s a challenge. Read the media guide from the last page up in the players section and guess the player from their personal section information. “…Favorite movie is “Gladiator”… BOYD GORDON!” He’s the only player I guessed from reading one sentence mostly because it appears he hasn’t watched a new movie since 2000.

Kyle Greentree’s favorite athlete is Mario Lemieux… I’ve got my eye on you, Greentree.

NeuvirthFace continues another glorious year. Now I’m not overly familiar with Czech culture but I think it might do well to explain to him that the camera will not steal his soul if he makes a normal face. Or perhaps I should say it might do well to NEVER EVER explain this to him so NeuvirthFace might continue on for years to come.

Matthieu Perreault would be a police officer if he wasn’t a hockey player. I have several reactions to this. 1.  picturing him and Francois Bouchard as a crime fighting duo the likes of Batman and Robin. 2. Remembrance of the episode of “Friends” with Danny DeVito as the stripper. That one is just mean on several different levels.

Now I preface this next bit with a hunch of mine. I’d like to think due to random evidence there is an unspoken competition going on between Varlamov and Neuvirth. And here is one reason why:

If Neuvy can make weird faces in his photo, Varlamov will take it up a level with the hair. In fact I think if Neuvirth’s facial expressions and Varlamov’s hair had a baby it would be this:


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The Ugly Jersey Isn’t my Real Problem with You NHL Shop…

Far be it for me to comment on fashion. I couldn’t tell you the difference between something “boot cut” or “box pleated”. To even more discount my fashion sense I’m color blind, I couldn’t tell you if something was orange or red because it looks the same to me. 

However I can tell you the difference in between quality and cheap clothing. Case in point:

In the words of @hockeymomva

  hey #nhl – what’s with the tacky rhinestone female jerseys? We going to a hockey game or a Dolly Parton concert?

Making these jersey are not my problem. Part of the problems is the marketing; I don’t want to “glamorize” my hockey gear or be “flirty” at hockey games. Surprisingly some ladies go their entire day without trying to hook themselves a husband. SHOCKING, I know. I mean next thing we know women will be holding jobs of their own and living by themselves! So thanks NHL for being Mrs. Bennet for me, but I’ve got a mother to nag me about finding a man-friend, so I don’t need you trying to set me up while I watch hockey.

I’m not going to hate on any women who finds this attractive or I see wearing this jersey. It’s not my taste but a lot of popular stuff isn’t my taste. And, we female fans have got to stick together no matter what “kind” of fan we are.

My biggest problem is you continue pump out this wear and ignore improving the “regular” merchandise. I know most women would greatly enjoy you improving the fit and quality of women’s style “normal” jerseys. Would it kill anyone to offer home, away, AND third jerseys in women’s cut?

However my favorite example of this crappy “regular” gear are the “shirseys”; the shirt with the teams logo on front and a player’s name and number on the back. People of both sexes love these because they can show support for as many players as they like and not have to buy jerseys. However the women’s “shirseys” have the logo and name/number extremely small on them. And, I’m not talking in comparison to men’s shirts, I’m talking in comparison to the size of the actual shirt.

The size of the logo makes me uncomfortable like the small size is some sort of device to get people to stare extra closely at my chest. Due to this and the lack of variety (I’ve only ever seen the Caps women’s cut in Green, Ovechkin and Laich) I’ve only bought the men’s cut then went home and tailored it from tent size to casual fit. Is it fair that because I’m a female fan (admittedly a tall and thin one who rarely fits in women’s cut either) I should have to tailor the shirts I’m paying at least twenty dollars for?

NHL please by all means make these sparkle-y, pink or white or black jerseys. Some people like them. Little girls tend to look adorable in them. However I am not only a grown women but a women who is a “jersey addict” and loves to own the beautiful jerseys the players wear on the ice IN MY SIZE so I can wear them in public and not look like a sack of potatoes. I don’t want to look “flirty” or “glamorous” but I DO NOT want to look like a slob who buys ill-fitting clothing.

I’ve been refusing to buy products from NHL shop for about a year now already. I’ve been purchasing from my team’s Pro Shop or online on places like Amazon or small sports retailers which is cheaper (well not in the Pro Shop.) So I will continue to do so, NOT because you make these in my opinion abominations of a jerseys (this is my opinion they could be ‘couture’ for all I know) but because you continually ignore every other women’s product you make.


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