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Ni(c)klas Backstrom: You Thought You Could Fool Us

In a summer where we we’re rocked with the scandal of finding out Alexander Ovechkin and Alexander Semin were brothers (on the logic Patrick Kane and Patrick Sharp were brothers) we’ve now discovered one more Matrix-like mind bending truth.

Niklas Backstrom and Nicklas Backstrom are the same person…

Yes, indeed according to this, umm shall we say “lovely”, site Niklas Backstrom, Minnesota Wild goalie (and apparently one of the best dressed players in the NHL,) and Nicklas Backstrom, Washington Capitals angelic center are one in the same.

How did I not realize it before? Niklas Backstrom brunette, Finnish, square jawed, 32 years old, and goalie thin. Nicklas Backstrom blonde, baby faced 22 year old, round face of a cherub, Swedish. They look exactly the same! How could have I been so duped?

The only question is which Nicklas/Niklas is the real one? If it is Nicklas surely there is no devious plot to his playing two teams, look at that fun loving face, no evil could come from that man. But if it is Niklas… well surely a man who looks so at home in formal wear must only be so because he is an evil villain.

Either way our minds are quite blown.


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Weagle Scout Playoff Edition ’10: Washington at Monteal Game 4 Series 1

Both teams came out flying in the first. The Habs were throwing the body, the Caps were driving offensively. The Habs do to their aggressiveness took a penaty about 40 seconds in, which it would have been a great hit if it hadn’t been well behind the play, but the Capitals did not convert on the power play until the second penalty about eight minutes in when Ovechkin scored. Only a minute or so later Cammalleri evened it up. The first period ended 1-1.

The second period was the Caps turn to take penalties. Despite giving the Habs, one of the best power plays in the league, three PPs the Habs only scored on one, a Gionta goal. Knuble scored on the third Caps penalty a SHG. The second period ended 2-2.

The third period was all Caps. Despite the Habs only taking two penalties (both on Carey Price), which the Caps did not score on either of those power plays, the Caps scored four times. Ovechkin, Chimera, Knuble (empty netter), and Backstrom (also empty netter) all scored. Moore scored for the Habs in between the Knuble and Backstrom ENs. The game ended in regulaton 6-3.

So with such awesome success who is our Weagle Scout of the Game?

Semyon Varlamov

It’s been a while Semyon but with many, many sparkling saves (our defense… just oy vey sometimes) deserves the distinction of Weagle Scout of the Game. Though it’s concerning Varly only seems to show up in important games.

Others with the distinction of Jr. Weagle Scout; still Boyd Gordon, the man is on fire and Nick Backstrom, five playoff goals and after his empty netter while passing in front of the Montreal bench Cary Price two hand smacked him with his stick and Nicki just gave him a smirk. One not classy Cary, two kiddos on not freaking out Nicklas; always killing them with kindness.

The series is 3-1 Caps.

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Weagle Scout Playoff Edition ’10: Montreal at Washington Game 2 Series 1

The first period started out well, the Caps came out flying and looking good, and it stayed good… for all about exactly minute and then Gionta ripped one past Jose. It’s okay that was just a bad one, Caps fans thought. And, then Jose let another bad one in from Kostitsyn about 6 minutes later. Jose was pulled and Varly came in.

I can tell you right now I’m threatening physical violence to any person to discount Jose’s incredible year because of one bad playoff game.

 About 3 minutes after Varly was put in a great pass from Flash to Fehr caused a break away on which Fehr scored. 2-1 to end the first period.

In the second period is when some Caps fans started bandwagon jumping, way to hang in there guys, after Andrei Kostitsyn scored two more goals. Hat trick for Andrei. Then with a few minutes left Nicklas Backstrom scored! I believe I reacted like this. 4-2 Habs at the end of the second.

My second period intermission activities… 

2 minutes into the third intermission Ovechkin scored. And Nicklas again! We’re tied 4-4! Then Tomas Plekanec scored. I heard a noise like some people jumping off something right after… weird.  Anyways, AMERICAN HERO JOHN CARLSON SCORES! 5-5 at the end of the third!

So we go on to OT for the second time… 3 SECONDS IN NICKI SCORE IT AND GETS THE HAT TRICK! 6-5 CAPS WIN! CAPS WIN!

So who is our Weagle Scout of the Game?

Nicklas “Fudgeball” Backstrom (aka the mayor of awesome town)

Because I just don’t even know.

That was good and bad, mostly bad. The Capitals have a LOT to address, they can’t be playing games like that. Sure the Habs have given the Caps a spot of trouble this entire season but I do not like what I’m seeing.

Also shame on some of the fans already jumping ship before the 2nd period. I even saw people talking about firing Bruce. That was over doing it.

So we are head to Montreal! See you all on Monday. Je aime éliminatoire! This series is tied 1-1.


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It’s Not Vacation Time Yet

That game started out sloooow. Nicki scored one in the first which was awesome but as Locker and Joe said they were playing like a high qualithy men’s league.

 And, for a while in the second the Caps were playing how much can we fail in one 20 minutes span? The Thrashers scored two unassisted goals, one of those B-mo kicking in to our goal on us. Then as the second began to close…

The Caps went out. of. their. minds. Ovie scored, AND AGAIN! Ovie has his fifty goal on the same goal as Nicki has his 100th point. They’re going to have to to split the puck. Chimera scored!

And, Nicki SCORED AGAIN! 101 points!


Jeff Schultz!

I can’t help it! He  had  a +4 night! Via Japers Rink Twitter: Schultz is now at plus-48. No one has finished a season higher since 2002-03 (Hejduk, Forsberg +52).

Overall all the kids are alright.

(Oh and UW Badger Blake Geoffrion received the Hobey Baker award today. WHOOOO!)

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Weird and Wacky Search Terms

Smoothest man alive

Oh, you mean Mike Green?

Brooks Laich secret nickname

At THC, we call him “Cougar Bait”. Though, I’m not sure it’s so secret anymore.

Backstrom nickname

He’s Fudgeball, of course!

Patrick Kane training

Obviously this doesn’t happen very often

Semyon gay boy

*sniggers* No self-respecting gay boy would dress like this:


Funny photo Washinghton Capitals

Oh, like this?

 Arch enemy cap

Not exactly sure what this is talking about, buttttttt, we here at THC have an arch enemy, whether he knows it or not.

Ovechkin bubble gum

Hopefully, when we’re not broke, we’re splurge for the $5 fee and get a domain name that’ll redirect here.

When Varlamov return

He has (coughunfortunatelycough). Three guesses for which games he has played in.

Nick Jonas

Stop. Searching. This. We have received over 100 hits because of some fangirls searching “Nick Jonas”. Leave. Us. Alone. And for good measure, have this (again):


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An Old Post Returns

So because I could not come up with an original post idea (though I do have a potential Caps look-a-likes post coming up if I have enough that aren’t lame) So I thought I would just link some stuff in the most triumphant return of: MID-WEEK BABBLINGS! (if you weren’t a reader during the off season this is something I did quite often)

The Dark Blue Jacket would like to remind his team to keep Milan. And, I hope they do unless of course the Caps would like him back.

There’s something I never needed to see… Okay maybe a little. Oy vey go to the Blackhawks offical wordpress (they are so damn fancy) for more pictures and go to here to find out what in the hell is happening in that photo.

Wonderful World of Loser Domi says goodbye to the former Leafs player I liked to refer to as  the Delicate Princess.  Keep an eye out for those darn soccer balls in Calgary.

The Blackhawks did a Ladies Man video . Quite few Cap fans said Burish pales in comparison to the Caps ladies man. I for one have no opinion because I am not allowed to have an opinion because I am a lady hockey blogger and there fore am expected to be nothing but professional and pretend I have never noticed that Burish is about as good looking as Laich because that would be wrong of me as a lady hockey blogger but it’s totally cool for a male blogger to say it.

Keep up with the Blackhawks Kane and Versteeg graced us with a duet at a recent Blackhawks charity event. I can’t even; I confess I couldn’t even watch the whole video:

The always brilliant Down Goes Brown and Bloge Salming banded together once again to make a hilarous video. The Canadian’s Olympic Welcoming Song:

General consensus amongst fans was this is the most hilarous Caps related thing we’ve ever seen on the internet. Thank you as always NHLol

And, this photo whose source I do not know is general consensus the cutest damn thing ever.

Capitals Redline Mondays came back tonight. Why I know the “mondays” isn’t actually part of the name for some reason it is stuck in my head that way. My biggest complaint? Who in the heck in this “Lou” guy during the “Forces of Hockey” segment (some prof. at the UVA apparently) and WHERE IS PROFFESOR BRADLEY?! (yes, it’s spelled with two “F”s)

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I Wanna Be the Very Best!

If you were a kid of the 90s, you remember Pokemon. Admit it, you had the cards, video games, stuffed animals, movies, and watched the television show every Saturday morning.

So, I was thinking, if some of the Caps were Pokemon, who would they be?


The face of the Pokemon craze. Always happy. Known for bursts of “intense electrical offensive…forces”.


Well-trained. Extremely loyal to friends.


Well-behaved unless angered. Known to lash out. Rash. “Rage attacks”. Sassy.


Adorable. Sings people to sleep. Did I mention adorable?


Generally well-mannered. Loyal. A bit sassy.


Kind of dopey. Unable to think clearly. Not the brightest. Stronger and more clever than he looks.

I am sure I have put your mind at ease. Enjoy 😀

[Credit to Bulbapedia for the info]


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