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Ten Things: Why You, UFA Player, Should Sign with the Caps

T’was the night before Free Agent Frenzy and all through the league, all the GMs were stirring, preparing for big trades. The blank jerseys were hung by the jersey lettering stations with care, in hopes there would soon be a new name to put on there. Your bloggers were nestled all snug at their desks, visions of all the reasons free agents should sign to their team dancing in their head;

1. Our Russians know how to party.

2. Matt Bradley will organize your trash and recyclable for you. (Though he may punch you in the junk. LOVINGLY, of course.)

3. It is rumored Green hides cookies in various places around Kettler… SHHHHH it’s a secret…

4.Backstrom will babysit your kids but he’ll probably need a babysitter also.

Which is baby Nicki and which is adult Nicki? Your guess is as good at mine.

5. Mike Green and Eric Fehr have grill duty covered at cook outs! 


6. Knuble… will probably just nap a lot but hey that will make you feel like a youngin’ again!

Pssst… Don’t stare at his eye… STOP IT!

7. Your hair will always look good… well as long as you are standing next to Varlamov.

Look at all the hair gel that hair soaks up. Hey! I think we found a solution to plugging up the oil spill… SEND THAT MAN TO THE GULF!

8. Your table manners will look amazing next to Semin’s.

9. Our team has a resident car mechanic.

10. If the cable is ever out It’s probably really funny to mess up Brooks Laich’s uber organized pantry and watch him freak out.

BONUS: You’ll also you learn new geography I mean tell me you all did not go “Where the hell is ‘Jurmala’?” Hey at least I know where Latvia is.

From my 8th grade history class: Remember ELL; Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania!



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Weagle Scout Playoff Edition ’10: Washington at Monteal Game 4 Series 1

Both teams came out flying in the first. The Habs were throwing the body, the Caps were driving offensively. The Habs do to their aggressiveness took a penaty about 40 seconds in, which it would have been a great hit if it hadn’t been well behind the play, but the Capitals did not convert on the power play until the second penalty about eight minutes in when Ovechkin scored. Only a minute or so later Cammalleri evened it up. The first period ended 1-1.

The second period was the Caps turn to take penalties. Despite giving the Habs, one of the best power plays in the league, three PPs the Habs only scored on one, a Gionta goal. Knuble scored on the third Caps penalty a SHG. The second period ended 2-2.

The third period was all Caps. Despite the Habs only taking two penalties (both on Carey Price), which the Caps did not score on either of those power plays, the Caps scored four times. Ovechkin, Chimera, Knuble (empty netter), and Backstrom (also empty netter) all scored. Moore scored for the Habs in between the Knuble and Backstrom ENs. The game ended in regulaton 6-3.

So with such awesome success who is our Weagle Scout of the Game?

Semyon Varlamov

It’s been a while Semyon but with many, many sparkling saves (our defense… just oy vey sometimes) deserves the distinction of Weagle Scout of the Game. Though it’s concerning Varly only seems to show up in important games.

Others with the distinction of Jr. Weagle Scout; still Boyd Gordon, the man is on fire and Nick Backstrom, five playoff goals and after his empty netter while passing in front of the Montreal bench Cary Price two hand smacked him with his stick and Nicki just gave him a smirk. One not classy Cary, two kiddos on not freaking out Nicklas; always killing them with kindness.

The series is 3-1 Caps.

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Weagle Scout Playoff Edition ’10: Washington at Montreal Game 3 Series 1

And you all were worried! The Caps came out in the first period and tore it up. It was very intense and most importantly the Caps played THEIR game though it was still could go any ones way. We end this period goose eggs 0-0.

But, what turned the tide for the Caps to REALLY play well was a short handed goal by Boyd Gordon, I don’t think he’ll be scratched again. Then Brooks Laich scored. Then Eric Fehr! Jaroslav Halak (who I love from the Olympics) was pulled and Carey Price came in for Montreal. Then Ovehckin scored! Which lead to an awkward Man-Love fueled celebration between Nicklas and him. The Habs took a lot of penalties and were clearly frustrated. 2nd period ends 4-0 Caps.

We came out for the third feeling good. Then Plekanec scored. This was a pivotal moment if the Caps let them score again too soon after that they could start a blazing comeback. 4-1 where have we seen that before? However they keep the Habs off. THEN MOTHER LOVING MATT BRADLEY SCORED! Yes it is indeed now playoff time, Matt. We end this game 5-1 Caps.

But with all this awesomesauceness who is our Weagle Scout of the Game?


The man had an amazing game what can I say? Goal, assists, in general AWESOMEness.

Some Jr. Weagle Scouts? Boyd Gordon is having the (two he played) playoffs games of this life and Jason Chimera; what a little smart pest!

Game on for Wednsday, still have a bit to be working (power play scoring please?) and still in Montreal. This series is now 2-1 Caps.

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Well That Was Silly

That game was at times hilarious, at times tragic, and at times rather boring. Timmy Tomas freaking out on Chimera was mother loving HILARIOUS! My face when Boyd Gordon came on the ice for the shoot out: Priceless “Is that BOYD?” I said when he rolled on to the ice. That was the perfect cap to my regular season. I loved being at the VC and getting my free umbrella, rally towel, and ANOTHER Caps hat (which I don’t wear hats and I have a bunch of free ones I’ve picked up over the years lying around the house). I bought the Caps yearbook and a Backstrom puck because I need MORE random hockey crap.

Our Weagle Scout:


Guys we lost but gosh darn it they’ve given us the best season of hockey in my short life! I’ve NEVER had any expectations from this team. Back when half these guys weren’t on the team and they were in the black and gold jerseys I knew they had loads of  potential but the problem was would it pan out or not? I didn’t care! The fact the boys finished first in the East and are going into the playoffs is more than I ever imagined! Two seasons ago we were barely making the playoffs! I’ve always been proud to call myself a Caps fan but these boys are heart breakingly good.

But, enough sissy effusions! We have a bunch of French Canadians to be kicking the butt of! NON! HABS! NON!

Here’s some pictures I took at warm ups usually I’d just through them on Flickr but I had a fancy DSLR camera I borrowed from a buddy so I’ll share them straight up:

I see your playoff moustache is coming in nicely, Jose.

I love how they have the exact same dopey eyed expression on.

I’m waiting for the magic playoff porno ‘stache! Do not disappoint!

He looks like a hate powered super hero.

“Another game, another bunch of rapid fan girls, uh my life is so hard! Whatevvver.”

Awkward juxtaposition…

Obligatory Green shot.

That shot is not quality but the look Tom Poti is giving Green cracks me up.

Obligatory Brooks shot


Okay I’m sure I’ve tortured you all enough with picture time. Oh but one last one:

My sign for Jeff “Mr. Nasty” Schultz (ghetto tape job a last-minute emergency fix!)

Oh and sad Chronicles girls! Half the fun of seeing the Caps play the Bruins was to see our second favorite Slovak player Chara and he didn’t even play.


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Weird and Wacky Search Terms

Smoothest man alive

Oh, you mean Mike Green?

Brooks Laich secret nickname

At THC, we call him “Cougar Bait”. Though, I’m not sure it’s so secret anymore.

Backstrom nickname

He’s Fudgeball, of course!

Patrick Kane training

Obviously this doesn’t happen very often

Semyon gay boy

*sniggers* No self-respecting gay boy would dress like this:


Funny photo Washinghton Capitals

Oh, like this?

 Arch enemy cap

Not exactly sure what this is talking about, buttttttt, we here at THC have an arch enemy, whether he knows it or not.

Ovechkin bubble gum

Hopefully, when we’re not broke, we’re splurge for the $5 fee and get a domain name that’ll redirect here.

When Varlamov return

He has (coughunfortunatelycough). Three guesses for which games he has played in.

Nick Jonas

Stop. Searching. This. We have received over 100 hits because of some fangirls searching “Nick Jonas”. Leave. Us. Alone. And for good measure, have this (again):


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Sorry About That Face

Random ramblings once again because we are really missing the NHL right now:

  • Your random embaressing Caps photo of the week:

Neuvirth appears to be thinking:

  • Your weekly poorly photoshopped photo:

An astute reader noted in the last Caps look-a-likes that Semin looks like rock star Jon Bon Jovi. D’AH! How have we not noticed this before?! And, Semin in Bon Jovi’s 80’s hair would be nothing shot of epic:

I should not be allowed to own Photoshop.

  • Your random piece of random:

This isn’t new I just enjoy it…

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Sticky Statements

So the Capitals, much like the blog lately, have been sporadic. I don’t know what to make of this recent half game sort of playing nor do I have any solutions.

Perhaps, surprisingly, our most valuable asset of late is indeed goal tender Jose Theodore. And, I am a some what fan of our rookie goaltender Semyon Varlamov’s playing, at times, and the race between veteran, rookie, and prospect (Michal Neuvirth; Hershey Bears) is rather interesting to watch. It’s neck in neck for the most part though Michal Neuvirth is out DTD with a lower back injury; poor man who just got off IR can’t seem to catch a break. (Braden Holtby of the SC Stingrays with be playing in Hershey for a while)

Now as with most goaltender races it’s very professional and civil but a recent thing Varly said has me in two minds;

“After the win in Atlanta, Caps’ Varlamov told SovSport that the team concentrates more on the game when he’s in goal… Hmm…”
– Dmitry Chesnokov


It’s difficult to say out of context whether this was Varlamov making a simple statement; that he feels that they play with more focus or confidence while he is in goal; Or did he mean it sort of catty? Like the team trusts him in goal more than Jose (and therefore he expects more play time) I can’t say I’ve noted them playing more confident with one or the other in goal so lets look at game by game stats as provided by

I’m not sure how much that tells you. There’s only so much stats can tell. I can’t say I personally have been overly impressed by Varlamov so far and Jose has impressed me a cautious amount. Varlamov has won five games to Jose two.

Either way our young goal tender meant that statement I don’t think the team plays any differently with him in goal than Jose.

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