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Wacky and Weird Search Terms

Everyones favorite post is back! After a hiatus for more “quality” posting it’s back with the fluff we all know and love!

“Ovechkin and Semin speedo party”

I heard they’re just urban legend’s like the loch ness  monster, big foot, or Winston Churchill… Wait… you’re telling me Winston Churchill was-… OR like Paul Bunyan. However if they are real you can count on us to investigate!

“Jose Theodore Chicago Blackhawks”


Qu’est-ce que? Is that possible, because it would be quite the situation. Chicago; the team for Cap’s former goaltenders? Could they dethrone Tampa Bay as the land of Caps forgot?

“Sergei Fedorov shirtless”

I have no such thing on my computer so it is at hand at such times as-

Damn you.

“Adam Burish girlfriend badgers”

Adam Burish girlfriend badgers? Oh dear I think dating badgers is illegal in most states. Oh perhaps you mean this Urban Dictionary meaning of “badgers”;

So you’re wondering if he gets his girlfriends by going to garage sales extra early? Interesting strategy, sir.

“Nicklas Backstrom smile”

It’s like a cherub smiling upon your soul.

“Hockey Chronicles NPR”


No, the Hockey Chronicles is NOT affiliated with NPR. However perhaps you mean the Hockey Diaries by the delightful Media Chameleon from last year? Well I’m happy to report from their official Twitter feed there seems to be new ones this year from Knuble and Sloan.

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I commandeered some poor saps computer for a bit and decided that I should probably blog something but the question was a post about what? Frankly I’ve been very glad that I haven’t had no computer access, other than what little my 3G network could supply, due to the fact that the past few days the internet has been smashed with bad feelings over the Ovie/Campbell hit. Fans of other teams who usually get along with Caps fans have been at each other throats. Fans of the Caps have been at other Caps fans throats for having different opinions! I’m sick of all this nasty blog posts and Twitter spats so let’s have some fun. I think we all need it.

UPDATE: After I first posted this I found out it was Awkward Moments Day. WIN.

So here is a greatest hits of my favorite (and therefore often embarrassing) hockey related photos I’ve seen over the years.  Disclaimer: I take no responsibility for the eye searing-ness, can’t-unsee-ing-ness of what you are about to see. They’re all PG and yet…

Let’s start with an old favorite! Jose and his pimping cane!

Jose Theodore’s pimping service for all your men in ugly shirt needs!

You all thought Semyon Varlamov came up with that roller skating picture idea first?

MY EYES! MY EYES… nice white socks to your knees with black shorts Ovie. I see you ‘old man tourist’-ing it up back there.

I feel like Jose pimp cane person was also somehow involved in this… what in the heck?

Nice 90s hair, Eric.

You gangsta’, you rollin’ Karl. (That is Neuvy Face)


Most extremely awkward.

Mike Green made more fun faces when he was chubby.

… I. Don’t. Even. Know.

I take that back NOW I. Don’t. Know.


Sweden you crazy!

Do not even want to know what you are talking about, Mike.

Ahhhh baby hockey goalies!

I can only describe this picture with one thing: O:

What did we learn? Nothing. Except that maybe Ovie is a one man awkward train.

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The Whole Story

Everyone has seen and got a chuckle out of the photos of the Blackhawk players par-taying in their recent trip to Canada. It’s not that they’re scandalous; just amusing. But I agree with the insulted fan (girls) these pictures are OBVIOUSLY taken out of context!

Obviously, the players were having a fun night at the hotel playing a rousing game of UNO when they all became hungry and since hotel room service was closed our intrepid travellers being the team loving men they are volunteered to run out.

So after picking up some snacks and adult beverages (hey, they’re all over age now) they were driving back when they noticed some nice young ladies with a broken down car! Being nice young men they offered these nice young ladies a ride back to their home. It would be a bit squished but they wouldn’t let these nice young ladies decline the offer to help. They also offered them some of the snacks and drinks like nice young men of course.

Well some of these young ladies had no jackets! Kane and Madden being perfect gentleman offered them their shirts, I mean it’s winter!

And, Versteeg put his sunglasses on, even though it’s night out, to act out the story of the time he helped a old blind man cross the street.

And, then I took his hand like this, yup just like how you’re holding it, and guided him across the street

Patrick then asked what the nice young ladies thought of the “Pants on the Ground” song. The young ladies had no idea what that was! They’re Canadian they didn’t know about American idol. So Patrick bravely took one for the team and did a haunting redition of “Pants on the Ground” for these American pop culture deprived young ladies.

“Pants on the ground/pants on the ground/lookin’ like a fool with your pants on the ground.”

They then dropped the nice young ladies at their home and returned back to the hotel. They then stayed up to a scandelous eleven thirty at night playing Scrabble and promptly went to bed.

Thanks to the Orland Kurtenblog from whom I stole all these photos from:

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I Did Something Very Bad

I had a bad dream… no a nightmare last night where our beloved beloved Capitals were no longer the Washington Capitals but the Philadelphia Captials! It was awful but it inspired me to do something very very bad with Photoshop:

Imagine if you will your Philly Capitals

And Imagine your Washington Flyers

The worst part is both logos look pretty sharp in those colors!

But, I did something EVEN WORSE! Worse you say? Meghan how could you have done anything worse?! But, I did!

Imagine your Pittsburgh Capitals:

And imagine your… Oh lord I can barely do it… your Washington Penguins

Am I going to hell?

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Dear Hockey Merchandisers, You’re Weird. Love, Anna

My appearence on the blog has been, well, spotty. All I can say is “Thank God THC has Meghan”. Seriously.

In other news, Christmas is swiftly approaching and my parents have been bugging me about finally getting together a Christmas list. After my dad telling me to “shut up” and that “one game is enough” when I asked for Caps’ tickets, I had to resort to rifling through Ebay and the NHL Shop (*shudders*) to find some things. Of course, this proved to be more scarring than helpful. Below are some of my precious finds:

A picture of the Verizon Center. Oh boy! Who would spend $8.50 on this?

Anyone interested in a guitar pin with the old logo?

Oh boy! An Ovie switchplate!

Washington Capitals marbles? Who thinks of these things?

For some reason, you can buy a card with pieces of Ovie’s, Kovalchuk’s, and Datsuk’s jerseys. This reminds me of when people would steal Beatles’ bedsheets, cut them into squares, and sell them for a dollar. It’s creepy.

This find just makes me giggle. Ovie looks like he’s posing for his senior picture.

I think this is just absolutely adorable(!!!):

And this is just creepy. Why on EARTH would you buy this? It’s like a creepy frame-thing for an…ultrasound?

A Washington Capitals’ Tiffany lamp for only $500!

A Caps motorcyle toy-thing? Okayyyyy.

Now, I don’t find this strange. I would wear Caps pajama pants, but definitely not for $40!

So, what have we learned from this? A. There’s some weird merchandise for the Washington Capitals out there. B. NHL Shop is overpriced. If you have any strange merch finds, be sure to let us know.

– Anna

Postscript: If you own any of these things, than I am sorry for making fun of you… sort of.

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